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Australia in the Great War - The Story told in Pictures

The object of this publication (which was produced over eight issues in 1917-18) was to present a pictorial record of the Australian Imperial Force in France, Great Britain, Egypt and elsewhere.

Printed in London by Cassell. (1916 – 1917) Complete in Eight Parts issues over monthly intervals. All pictorial wrappers plus 192 photographic pages plus advertisements (275 x 193 mm). A comprehensive compilation of photographs of the AIF complete with captions. The subscription included the contract that ‘The net profits from sales will be devoted to Australian Soldiers’ Repatriation Fund’.

18 Pounders

The dead in no-mans land

Over the top


A Digger in France

Tom-foolery with captured German equipment

Diggers pose for the camera

Diggers with their mascot

Illustrations reduced in scale for web - not indicative of ebook quality

Space precludes the full display of this item of memorabilia from the First World War. The full set of eight issues of The Australians in the Great War - the Story in Pictures is available in PDf ebook format. Over 200 pages of full and half page photographs of the Australian Imperial Force at war.

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