USA 1949-53

Frank Thomas made the Dynacycle available to the public in 1948. This motor was completely self contained no extra cables, pulleys or levers to mount. The complete unit attached to the bike (in place of the crank and pedals) with just two bolts. The engine could be attached to any bicycle frame. Two foot pads attached to either side of the engine. The right one acted as throttle, automatic clutch and brake.  The 2-stroke engine developed over 4 horsepower and maintained speeds up to 45 miles per hour. Since most of the gas tank was below the carburetor, the tank was pressurized in order to get the fuel to flow.  At the end of 1950, the company unveiled the Dynacycle 165. As a last ditch effort to save the company, now not only was the motor kit available, but also the entire motorbike. The company ceased operation in 1951.  Today, the Dynacycle is a rare machine.


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