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Re: Road Racer Project

Postby diamondj » Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:55 pm

GT Tim wrote:Jim, do you know if Jemco makes a 'street' chamber for T500? Need a set of street chambers for my project.

Hey Tim,

Jemco offers a set of street pipes for $400. It's an extra $140 for nickel plating. I think Jet Hot will run you about the same. ... atalog.pdf

I loaned Jeff G a set of Allspeeds for a T500 to copy - he was working on them off and on last time I asked him about it. It might be a cheaper deal if he can get some sets made up. Although the Allspeeds probably don't perform any better than the Jemcos would.

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Re: Road Racer Project

Postby CJF » Thu Dec 04, 2008 12:50 am

diamondj wrote:Muzza,

I think Jemco is getting $600 for the Swarbrick style pipes.


Make sure you rubber mount the pipes at the back. They should be able to wiggle about a bit. This is critical unless you want to reweld the mounts at the track when they break off. Also, the front mounts should be slip fit (so the backs can wiggle about a bit) and you seal them with the red permatex high heat goop. And last but not least, I've known people that have had problems with the steel silencers being too heavy for the pipes and causing breakage. You can upgrade to a set of aluminum silencers from one of the guys off the North American two strokes board that makes them for $99 a silencer:

Looking good so far! When are you going to be ready to race? WERA posted their 2009 schedule - Summit Point is April 4 & 5, Then Nelson Ledges on May 2 & 3, back to Summit on June 6 & 7, and then Beaverun June 20 & 21. WERA offers a "race school" for $75 but you may want to get in a couple of track days first. I wish Beaver was sooner as Apex to Apex offers a WERA license race school for $85 for a full Friday class. Let me know when you plan on getting your race license as I still need to get mine and it would be fun to have another T500 to race against....


Jim, Thanks for the info on how to mount them. I was planning to use rubber bobbins (the kind with threaed rods coming ut each side and rubber in between). I'm not sure that would allow for the movement you are talking about. Is it better to use a differet type mounting system or do you thinkthe bobbins will work?

Do you know if the Mfactoryworks silencers are made to fit the Jemco's bolt on, or would they need to be modifed to fit? I was a little surprised that the Jemco silencers were made of steel considring many other pipes use aluminum silencers.

I was thinking about targeting a track day at the NJ Motorspors track. It is only an hour and a half drive from my house and I'd like to see if i can get some time in there once the bike is complete. I'm not sure when it will be done...i've learned that I never complete bikes when I plan to. Too many things going on i guess, but May/June timeframe sounds good. I looked at the Absolute Track day schedule for the NJ track and they look to have a session in May that might work. I'd definitely like to get out on the track with another T500. I'll keep in touch with you.

TR500 Replica Road Racer Project
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Re: Road Racer Project

Postby Frank » Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:20 am

Nice build - what is the current status of this project?
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