T500: Front end and engine rebuild

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T500: Front end and engine rebuild

Postby rbmgf7 » Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:42 pm

Hello, I picked up a non running '71 T500 a week ago. It's practically all there but the parts are in boxes.

I've been browsing this forum and the Suzuki Sundial site since the purchase. I'm stoked to finally have my street 2-stroke.

So, the engine is locked due to a piston ring failure. That doesn't worry me too much since 0.5mm OS pistons are still available. I was wondering if anyone out there know of some shops that specialize in 2-stroke cylinder boring? I talked with the folks at APE and they can do the boring but can't chamfer the ports.

Next concerns the front end. Forks could be replaced as they have some pitting. I noticed they are 34mm but the springs are external. I've sourced 34mm forks for other bikes (MikesXS has 34mm forks for the TX/XS650). Wondering if anyone has gone about a successful front end rebuild to include running internal springs? Places like BikeBandit, CMSNL, etc. carry limited parts for the front. Reason I want to rebuild the front is because I want to keep the drum. I've come across a complete GT750 front end but I figure for the money I would shell out for that with rebuild costs on top, I could save and just rebuild the T500's front end.

I haven't began disassembling anything yet since I'm already knee deep in another project. Just wanted to get some insight before I dwell too far deep.

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Re: T500: Front end and engine rebuild

Postby dinoGT » Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:41 am

If you are amerain, I see on sundial forum that Bill Burne do reboring.
if you want to see photos and explanations about reboring see my web site
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