Fitted with the world-famous Panther engine--now acknowledged leader in design and style.

New piston-spread lubrication. Forced oiling to both valve guides. Instrument panel in tank. High frequency chromium fronted Horn. Built-in handlebar controls. Interconnected brakes. Dynamo housed in crank case, all subsidiary drives being abolished. Hand or foot control to gearbox. Z~Lycett Aero or Terry de luxe saddle. Coil ignition and decompresser. Easy starting. Extra petrol reserve tap. Four point fork shock absorbers with single hand adjuster. Two oversize steel toolbags with locks. Gush hub shock absorber. Three or four speed gear. Chromium finished throughout.

All 1931 Panthers have one-piece steel forged head and frame neck lug - wide base engine mounting - multi spring clutch - low-lift spring-up central stand - 4.5" spring action to front fork - finger light exhaust lifter - hand adjustment to brakes and clutch oversize oil filling cap - 5" ground clearance -Journal bearings in hubs - Provision for speedometer drive in hub -3.5" tyres - extra deep mudguards and grease nipples throughout.

1931 Panther Catalogue:
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Murray Barnard, Perth, Western Australia

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