The Schneider Trophy Sidecar

Designed specially for Panther machines.

Of very pleasing and sporting lines combined with maximum comfort for long distance touring.

Chassis light in weight but immensely strong, with large twoleaf "C" springs front and rear. Wide valanced mudguard sprung with body. 3~" wired-on tyre. Rigidity is ensured by all attachments passing through lugs integral with the cycle frame.

The body is made in two sizes, Model No. 1 being upholstered in the usual manner and finished either in polished aluminium or leather cloth. The leather cloth covering and the upholstery is ~available in colours toning with the tank colours of the machine.

Model No. 2 is finished in the same manner but is of larger dimensions and fitted with pneumatic upholstery and a chromium plated tubular luggage grid mounted over the back of the body.

In both cases an exceptionally deep and comfortable seat is obtained by the curved cock pit rear squab and well for tushion.

PRICE OF MODEL No. 1. Complete with Screen, Mat and Coverall waterproof apron .....
PRICE OF MODEL No. 2. Complete, as above, and with Luggage grid .....

Fourth point chassis fitting...
Electric lamp and wire
Luggage grid for Model No. I
Saloon Hood and Screen

1931 Panther Catalogue:
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Murray Barnard, Perth, Western Australia

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