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    Re: Got a call last night...

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    Posted by Stephen on 3/1/2001, 5:49 pm , in reply to "Got a call last night..."

    Tell him to contact Ivor (NZ or AUS - check the acrchives from the other site.) He has an ex-Pat Hennen water-cooled '74 TR500 that Pat used in the Marlboro International Series in New Zealand. For complete details, see the Jan/Feb issue of Classic Racer (Issue 87). Hennen used the TR500 and a TR750 and finished 7th in '73/74 before winning the series each of the next 3 years. Ivor has e-mailed me pictures and the bike is apparently fully restored - asking price $9,500U.S. Wouldn't it be nice if Pat's tuner could get Pat's bike? Wouldn't it be nicer if I could?!!!

    Until I read this article, I knew little of Hennen. An interesting fact, the TZ700 made it's debut in the inaugural season of the series winning 2 races. I also learned what happened to Cal Rayborn, Harley's Daytona hero. He went to New Zealand to race in car race and was offered a chance to try a TR750 for a single race. Unfortunately it seized at speed and he was killed. This article is a must read for Suzi fans.


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