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    Posted by JP on 3/2/2001, 8:30 pm

    I got my crank apart today! Only took 8 tons too. I made a fixture to remove the mains and once that was done everything went swell. Regarding my earlier comments about the supposed notched inner outside races-all I can figure is that I must have eaten some bad eel pout and been hallucinating,there ain't no notches. Maybe its time for new glasses. I ran into Atlantic Pirate's name on Ebay-we both bid on a set of used jemcos. Of course some higher roller than us gott'em. I went skiing last monday and tweaked my ankle in an off track excursion(maybe I should stick to bikes in my old age!). It was 40 above today so winter is slipping away. I'll see about getting the Vision ready for that first ride(the other bikes are still snowed in in the shed). Keep them pictures commin Muzz they're great! Got anything exotic like Bridgestones or Motobis? Skol,Guzzi John


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