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    Re: Oil rumors

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    Posted by H2RICK on 3/3/2001, 10:28 am , in reply to "Oil rumors"

    I think there was a thread about this on the "old" Suzi board before Xmas. There was also much discussion concerning this subject on the H1/H2 board as well. The consensus on the Kawi board was, if I remember correctly, that this was some kind of weird smog reduction "trail balloon" floated by the EC bureaucrats in Brussels. Typical government action: they want to be "seen to be doing something" about smog reduction when what they REALLY need to do is get all those smoke belching diesel trucks and buses converted over to diesel/natural gas fuelling systems. That is what will clean up their smog....not some weird "solid" 2 stroke oil. Heaven save us from government clean air morons.
    Don't forget that the average schmoe in Europe does not/ cannot buy a PWC and snowmobiles are unheard of, except for a few Laplanders using them to herd reindeer in northern Finland. PWC's are VERY rich peoples' toys so their distribution is nowhere near as wide as it it in North America or in Oz....and in Europe, the usage of ANY kind of private watercraft is HIGHLY regulated, like most things over there. The EC is the first place George Orwell's "future" will take hold. If you're not familiar with George's works, I suggest you read "1984"
    and "Animal Farm", two great books. You will then know what you will end up with if you don't resist all these stupid government regulations every day and don't vote for candidates that at least try to make government smaller rather than larger. Sorry for the diatribe but this kind of crap really makes my blood boil.
    Any more thoughts/info from anyone else ??


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