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    2 stroke tuning problem

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    Posted by Alex Borcyk on 3/3/2001, 3:18 pm

    OK Guys,
    This is not a suzuki question (forgive me) But,I AM STUMPED. 91 yama"yuck banshee. recently ported nearly impossible to start---If I put my hand over either carb opening ( flooding that cyl.) it will start. Just kicking with the choke on and the plugs barley get wet. When it is running slightly unstable idle and if you rev it the revs keep going up after the carb slides have returned to their bottom resting position. the revs will keep going sky high to the point where if I turn off the ignition the engine will run on and on at an alarming rate until I stall the engine with the clutch. Now this is what I have done....
    Cyl comp test: both cyl.'s 120 psi
    clean carbs ...everything looks fine in there
    primary crank leak down test: 10 psi with no real loss for approx. 5 min.
    the main jets are at 290 from 210 and the pilot is up to a 30 from a 25.

    Has anyone ever experenced anything like this before? I am at a loss. I have a great amount of respect for the 2 stroke tuning knowlege I have seen on this board ( a little flatery)...Please save me from my YAM HELL.


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