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    Spring? What's spring?

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    Posted by Stephen on 3/5/2001, 7:50 pm , in reply to "I'm here!"

    We are being buried by snow again here in Ontario, Canada. It has been snowing fairly steadily for 4 months!!! We are at least another month away from thawing out. Muzza, just paint your glasses white and climb in your freezer - you'll get the picture!

    A week ago I decided I had better dig my way to the shed and see if the T500 would turn over .... first kick, after 3 months sitting. I have now assembled a lot of bits for 4 projects. Since I don't have a garage, let alone a heated one, when spring comes I will be very busy. First, my street T500 is getting flanged aluminum rims and a 4ls front drum. Also installing genuine Crooks rearsets, clubman bars and new tires. My T500 (ex-Eugene Stewart ... no, not Pat Hennen) racer is getting new Progressive Suspension front and rear with new shocks, springs and fork springs, an aluminum rear rim to match the front, porting and heads to Muzza's old reliable specs, dual disc GT750 front end and a few coats of paint. H2Rick has me started on his TM175 kit conversion of a TS185 (going to be a fun little pit bike/fun bike/conversation piece) and finally I'll be starting the ground-up GT750 racer project that will have triple discs using a '70's GS750 rear end and a stock but massaged front end. That project will be a slow transformation - build up a roller first then go to work on a motor. I'm doing a few things and accumulating parts right now. So that's 4 Suzi projects waiting for one thing ... all this damn snow to melt!


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