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    Re: Crank seals

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    Posted by Greg Groth on 3/6/2001, 11:26 am , in reply to "Re: Crank seals"

    $350? Ouch! I might have to check shipping charges to Oz. If that's the best price I can get, I'm probably going to throw the thing back together and keep my fingers crossed. I'm not sure if the seals leak or not, the engine is out of a boneyard and was sitting for a while out in the rain with no plugs in the cylinders. Previous response to this was I had about a 50/50 chance they would leak. No rust on the sleeves, but the crankcase oil was full of water. I was hesitant about trying it out and thought I'd change them while the motor was off the bike. Before this I had no idea that crankshaft work on a pressed crank was that big of a deal. I appreciate the help, but if you've seen the pics of the bike (earlier post), you'll understand my hesitation spending that kind of dough right now, that and I have a lead on a '58 Lincoln I'm looking at picking up. Thanks again for the help.


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