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    Posted by GTrev on 3/7/2001, 10:32 am

    Hi Guy's, finally a spell of dry weather !
    Have been fettling the old bus for the past couple of days, getting it ready for a break in the weather. Finally managed to get out on Sat, need a new leather jacket so decided to do a tour of local bike shops. So, out onto main road, 1st..2nd..3rd..4th..5th..try for 6th !!, my 500 only had 5 gears last time I looked, but it feels like it wants another gear. When I got back, checked the usual suspects, but no-one had swapped the sprockets round over winter, or slipped a 250 engine in. Sat down with a beer to muse things over.......... .. the only thing I can think of is that I have been riding my No.2 rat bike through the winter and about November time I put a new rear tyre on ( Maxxis Hi-Max 110/90/18, can recommend it for winter riding ), so, dragged the rat bike out of the shed and had a look at the tyre, the tyre looked physically bigger than on the No1 bike. (Part worn Avon Roadrunner AM21 100/90/18 ).Measured both tyres, diameter - Avon-24in, Maxxis-25in. Now, is this the cause ? Have I got used to riding on the larger tyre over the winter, so making the smaller one feel slightly undergeared ? Will the 1in difference in size be enough to notice ? I know there is a formula for working these things out, but I don't know it. Or am I just paranoid and WANT my bike to go faster !!
    Any thoughts ??

    By the way muzza, the tarmac artist formally known as "trev" will now be known as "GT rev" , my son says I have to have a "cool" name when posting, so he's come up with it !! Can you add it to my register entry please.

    Finally got a new jacket, enough armour in it to stop a tank shell !! now look like an overgrown american pro footballer !



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