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    Posted by Zooke on 3/8/2001, 8:08 pm , in reply to "SUNDIAL SUZUKIS PLACE IN TOP TEN AT DAYTONA IN FORMULA 500!!!"

    Well, another Daytona is done. My 7th actually. We finished both bikes
    in the top ten. Frank finished 8th and I 10th. I had him by at least
    20mph but couldn't outbrake him and his bike was much linear than mine.
    Mine didn't come on the pipe till 5500rpm. His pulled for idle to redline.

    The start of the race was a big disaster. At the drop of the flag a
    rider on the fourth row (Frank on third row and I on the fifth) wheelied
    his bike and fell off holding the throttle open and falling into the
    rider on the left who fell onto the next rider. That group somehow
    tagged Frank nearly causing him to fall as well. I managed to go around
    to the outside and off we were.

    We made it the the International Horseshoe in a tight bunch when a rider
    on an RD decided to pass me with nowhere to go. He tried to pull it in
    but could not and nearly centerpunched Frank but hit the back of his
    bike causing a major wobble he nearly didn't recover from. He was hit
    again but I do not know where. I think just in the Dogleg as the pack
    was still tight.

    On the fifth lap I passed Frank by the finish line but he knew I would
    not go deep into Turn one. He was right. So there we stayed till the
    finish with him in front.

    Les Trotter had lost a piston at Savannah and I lent him one out of my
    Pitbike (68 Cobra). He finished third to Harry Barlow on his RD400 by
    mere inches.

    We blew up our 68 in the last practice. Garbage in the tank got into
    the carb and plugged the main jet. Hole big enough to drive truck
    through. We got a piston from Les Trotter and off we were as well.

    All in all a very interesting weekend.


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