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    T500 con rods

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    Posted by captainbellybuster on 3/8/2001, 8:19 pm

    Hi all, thought I'd use my nic & see what GTrev's son makes of it !
    Down to business. My mate was taking my crank into Brizzie to get it fixed. A b###h in a BMW pulled out on him & he had no where to go.Consequence: 1x"72 Honda/4 in very poor shape.13"cut with 36 staples to knee.Elbow with alot of bark off it & my crankshaft doing a solo down the tarmac for a few hundred metres!!!
    The guy is going to attempt to straighten the rods,but on the off that they are too bad , can anyone tell me how easy they are to obtain here in Oz? Typical, just when we thought this was the last hurdle to having a really nice running 500 some toffee nosed "lady" has to go & stuff it up!!!Cheers for now Paul ( Brisbane)


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