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    Well, she "runs" but there are some issues.

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    Posted by Matt on 3/10/2001, 11:26 am

    I started my T500K this morning, the first time she has ran in 6 years or so. Work performed: Brakes rebuilt. All cables lubricated. Exhausts decarbonized and cleaned from start to finish. Cylinders bored over 1st OS, port edges chamfered, new 1st OS pistons, rings, wrist pins, small end bearings, top end gaskets, & spark plugs. New battery, air filter, points, timing set up just so. Rough checked piston BTDC with a mm graduated pencil stuck down spark plug hole. Right on. Dismanteled carbs, cleaned, reassembled (reusing old gaskets)and throttle slides synchronized. Stripped and kreemed gas tank, and repainted it. Brand new fuel tap and fuel lines. 2stroke oil drained and replaced with Belray Si-7, transmission oil with Belray gearsaver 80wt. 1 gallon of premix gasoline at a 1:32 ration mixed and added to tank just in case oil delivery was faulty.
    Ignition on, choke engaged, and she started on the 3rd kick. It was loud, and very rough-sounding. The first thing I noticed was smoke coming out where the headers attach to the tailpipes. More smoke was coming out from there than the tailpipe ends. I knew this was going to be a problem because the tailpipe expansion chambers are necessary to create the right backpressure for correct running. After about 60 seconds of running I noticed a jet black liquid was spraying a bit and dripping out from the same spots, where the headers attach to the tailpipes. The smoke was a thick white cloud in the air by this point. I shut the bike off.
    Question: has anyone ever had to replace the header-to-tailpipe seals on their Titan? I suppose I have to, or use muffler tape to seal them up. Also, the LEFT cylinder and header were much hotter than the right side. Advice? Finally, there was some seepage evident around both carb bowls. Anybody have some new carb bowl gaskets to sell? Any advice anyone has to offer is greatly appreciated. The only cycles I have owned before this were 80's hondas. It has been a lot of fun trying to restore this old girl and now I am ready to get her out on the road. I couldn't have gotten this far without the friendly advice of you folks on this board!


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