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    GT 550 Race Bike update. A cry for help

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    Posted by Todd T. on 3/10/2001, 11:59 am

    Stuck at work today, so I thought I would just say hi. Hi. Congratulations on your finish at Daytona Zooke. We are moving into our new house so I haven't had much time for the GT. After I got it running, we rigged up some foot controls and a rear brake (for testing purposes only) and I rode it up and down the alley behind the shop. It seems to be weak from idle up to about 5000 rpm then pulls REAL hard really fast from there. You guys know I did some mild porting and had the chambers made. Right now I'm using the 28 mm carbs with #30 pilot jets (#25 are stock) and #107.5 main jets (#97.5 are stock). I have K&N filters and I raised the needle one groove in the carbs. I went one grade colder on the plugs (#8 rather than #7). I am using a mechanical tach from some old Yamaha because it was small and light weight and it had a range of 0-12,000 which I thought would be more than enough. According to this tach, my motor is reving easily up to 12,000. It seems accurate at idle, but I can't believe the engine could pull those rpms or survive if it did. I'm not kidding about this either. I just got an electronic tach but I haven't had the chance to work on the bike to hook it up. At any rate it really wants to rev. but boggs down off the line. Is that just the combination of porting and chambers, or can I adjust that power range at all with jetting? Also, the left cylinder seems to flood if I let the bike idle for any length of time. When I pull that plug, it's wet, but the float is adjusted correctly. Could my pilot jets be too big? I have the oil set on 1/2 and using 30-1 in the tank. Too much oil?


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