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    Re: Well, she "runs" but there are some issues.

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    Posted by captainbellybuster on 3/10/2001, 8:41 pm , in reply to "Well, she "runs" but there are some issues."

    Hi Matt, good to hear she's running ! Is there more "black gunk " coming from the left than the right? More smoke from the left? Take out the small plugs under the crank & see if alot of oil comes out of them. If so it means (alas!!!) the centre crank seal is leaking. This would cause excessive oil to be displaced through the exhaust & make her run rough. I've just had to replace mine & I hope this isn't your problem , but it is one to definately eliminate ( & smile if it's not the problem :-) )!Aso she may not be firing consistently on the right hand pot , to cause tyhe temp difference on that side. A strobe quickly checks the consistency of the spark to the cylinders.
    Hope this is of some help,keep us posted Cheers Paul (Brisbane)
    Keep us posted, Cheers Paul ( Brisbane)


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