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    That is correct

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    Posted by Cappy on 3/13/2001, 7:33 am , in reply to "Re: Source for crank seals?"

    The oil seal for the clutch side should have three raised numbers on it: 35 62 8 These numbers are the i.d. o.d. and width. There are serveral seal manufactures that make a seal in this size. I looked them up in a CR seals handbook. The seals are listed by size, type and style, lip code, and CR stock #. There are two seals in this size. CR stock #'s 13969 & 13970. The difference between these two seals are the material used for the seal. 13969 has a lip code of "V" which is for Viton material, while 13970 has a lip code of "R" which is for Nitrile. Since the seals will be exposed to gasoline Viton is what you would want.

    Here is the address:
    CR Services
    Attn: Catalog Dept.
    735 N. Tollgate Rd.
    Elgin, IL 60123


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