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    The next stage is UFOB!

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    Posted by muzza on 3/15/2001, 5:41 am , in reply to "F.O.B. Syndrome"

    The next stage of this syndrome is ugly Fat Old Bastard of which I am in an advanced stage.
    The weight reduction menu in Oz is:

    a. minor weight reduction - trail hand in salt water from small boat in tropical Auatralia - called the Croc diet or Salty diet

    b. medium weight reduction - stand in waist deep sea water in temperate water in Australia - known as the Great White diet or White Pointer diet

    c. severe and permanent weight loss - walk in tall grass anywhere inland from the coast - otherwise known as the King Brown diet

    d. temporary weight loss - put your hand in dark corners of any shed in Australia and experience the Redback diet otherwise known as the Black Widow diet.

    Come over and try it!


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