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    Re: Crank

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    Posted by Justin on 3/16/2001, 2:12 pm , in reply to "Re: Crank"

    I guess you would like to get a hold of his little weasly ass kneck wouldn't you.I guess some people think that packing peanuts and bubble wrap are too expensive to use or some people are big tree huggers and don't want to ruin the enviroment or something.I always use plenty of packing material and extra heavy duty boxes when I ship. I received a package from a well known cycle company the other day with everything I ordered frame paint,brake shoes,and an inner tube and my tank stickers where flopping around loose with out packing material they were totally killed I called them and they're sending out replacments It will take me a while to get to the junk yard since I'll be busy I let you know when I get there.


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