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    Posted by H2RICK on 3/17/2001, 9:57 am , in reply to "Re: I heard!"

    I've been INCREDIBLY busy, what with World of Wheels Show, moving of office at work, getting ready to go off to Cozumel this weekend for a week of sun, surf, babes (if my wife lets me look LOL) and PLENTY of Coronas and Dos Equis.
    You guys will notice that as you get older, time just seems to FLYYYYYYY by.
    Trust me on this.
    Big spring swap meet on this weekend about 80 miles from Calgary but I can't go because of trip. Boo Hoo. Who knows what treasures I'll miss buying ?? All the guys are going but you USUALLY can't trust someone else to buy stuff at a swap meet for you....."Didn't you want this badly crumpled front fender off a BSA Bantam that I got for a STEAL at $100 ???". You know what I mean ??
    Annnnyway, my apologies to the board, but not even Muzza can run me off here. LOLOLOL Just kidding Murray.
    UFOB....Survivor ??? Not likely....however the location sounds interesting....say... maybe there's that SECRET GT550 Rickman framed factory racer there. You remember...the one the FIM banned in 1975 because it blew away all the 750's during the secret factory tests on the high banked oval at the Suzuka test track.
    The FIM banned it because it would have "looked bad" for a "small" bike to beat the big bikes ?? Wow...would I like a ride on that baby !!! LOLOLOL
    Historical Fact #2365...the FIM DID ban Suzuki's 3 cylinder 50cc water cooled GP bike BEFORE it even competed. I think it was about 1973 or 1974. Evidently it would have wasted the Yams and the Dutch made Kreidler (world champ for a number of years in that class) by a large margin. The FIM passed a rule limiting the 50cc class to single cylinder bikes only. Typical European attitude. If someone from "outside" is successful...pass a law limiting the "outsider's" ability to compete. Can't have the "local" boys getting beat/upset now, can we ?? LOLOL
    Enough rambling for now. I'll be back on here in about 3 weeks or so AFTER my liver transplant when I return from Mexico. Hasta la vista, baby...with apologies to Ahhhhnie (Swartzenegger, that is). LOLOLOLOL


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