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    Posted by H2RICK on 3/17/2001, 10:20 am , in reply to "Re: gt550"

    Maybe that 50 pound overweight exhaust system, the extra sturdy 30 pound overweight frame, the lame excuse for a front brake, the uninspiring styling and the VERY conservative engine power output have something to do with the popularity ?? I can say this because I have a GT550A which has all those things (barring the drum brake) and I still have a deep fondness for it. As well, I wrenched 'em when they were new.
    Passion ??? Not really. The GT and T series Suzukis typically don't inspire passion. More like the feeling you have for a good buddy you know will always be there for you, who will start first or second kick and will
    ALWAYS get you home (as long as you keep the gas tank filled LOLOL). I have had lots of offers for mine but wouldn't sell it for the world.
    Want to perk up your performance a little ?? Let me know and I'll email you a very interesting little story on a 380 hop-up that was posted on this board many moons ago. The same tricks will work nicely on a 550. If I ever get the time, I have a bunch of 550 engines and frames that I will do the same thing to. As well, I have a set of J & R street chambers which will go on the same bike.
    Now if I can only find the time to get my CURRENT project back together....LOLOL.


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