Suzuki Snapshots

1973 GT750K

Pic by Sid Baxter

Attached are a few pics of my '73 Buffalo.  I learned to ride (and crash!) on this bike, which I bought for $350.00 at an estate sale in 1994.  It was covered in rust, dirt, and weeds.  Since then, I've put 105,000 miles on it and have rebuilt everything.  Rebuilt motor around 40,000 miles ago, and had a modern porting job done on the flow bench at ReplikaMaschinen in Scotts Valley, CA.  Karl Engellener of Motorcycle Machining Specialties in Sacramento pressed up a new crank from NOS parts from Paul Miller in CT after having shaved the con rods to perfectly equal weight.  Spun on the blocks, I measured less than .001" runout across the crank.  The front brake rotors are full-floating drilled EBC cast-iron jobs, found collecting dust on a shelf at KC Engineering, SF, CA.  Braided lines.  Ignition is via Newtronics optical reader.  Removed starter motor (first-kick starts nearly every time) and freeze-plugged the hole in the case. 
"Chambers" are probably Allspeeds, and are the one thing that really needs to be changed.  They're better than stock, better than DG's, and way better than that 3-into-one silliness, but Swarbrick Racing in England or Jemco in Texas both make the real deal.  Coolant temp gauge by Kragen Auto and speedo/odo is a Sigma bicycle computer.  Tail lamp is a toy skull pin given out by the Peachy Puff Girls on Halloween at Lucky 13 in San Francisco years ago.  Wheels are now both 18" front and rear and are Sun black-anodized rims on stainless spokes on the original hubs powder-coated.  Laced by some dirt-track outfit south of San Francisco whose name escapes me...  Swingarm straight-line bored and decent bushings pressed in.  Seat/tailsection from Omar's.  Carbs and jetting stock, except all mains 107.5. 

Anyhoo, I know it's not show-quality, but it's got the juice and the mileage and hopefully your nod of approval. 


Sid Baxter (aka Phil McCrackenn)

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