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scan10ss.jpg (23766 bytes) I had some cracking rides on this bike and it never failed; but Yamahas were getting faster and more reliable. For 1972 George did some mods to give me more revs. He modified the motor to take it over 250 so that I could use it in the 350 junior TT. It was quicker but the rods were not up to the extra revs. It broke a rod in the 350 race within a few miles of the start at Braddan Bridge. I rebuilt it for the 250 race, it got a few miles further on to Union Mills and it did the same again. At this time I was the only one still running a Suzuki in the 250 TT race other than Roger Sutcliffe on Eddie’s TR250.

I succumbed to buying John Williams TD3 350 Yamaha for 1973 and put the TR250 back to standard; however, its days were numbered - Yamahas were putting in 100mph race averages. and records show that the fastest Crooks Suzuki TR250 TT race averages were in 1969 Frank Perris in 3rd at 93mph and Frank Whiteway a brilliant 5th place at 90mph.

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