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The T20 was just unbreakable; but I was never impressed with its handing and never really got on with it over the TT mountain course. Having witnessed the superior handling of Eddie Crooks’ T500 for 500 miles at Thruxton I decided I was having it and swiftly did a deal with Eddie to swop the T20 in part exchange. So started my long and happy seven year very low cost relationship with the Crooks Suzuki T500 production racer.

This was the Crooks Suzuki T500 history in my ownership:

  • 1971 TT
    500 Production 5th silver replica.
    Formula 750 13th silver.
    Senior 500 26th silver.
  • 1972 TT
    500 production 8th silver rep. Fastest through speed trap 121mph. Stan Woods was first on the Crooks Suzuki T500R.
    Formula 750 retired. (loose alternator wire)
    500 senior 30th bronze replica.

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