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1972 TR 500 Suzuki

Does it not really look the business at the bottom of Bray Hill in the 1972 TT Formula 750 race? Don’t kid yourself. I retired this bike at the pits in sheer terror. I had built this bike during the winter having aquired a motor with all the best goodies off Eddie Crooks. George Ratcliffe (former development engineer at Villiers) did the motor and made the pipes. It was a very fast bike timed at 147mph Creg n Baa to Brandish. But!!! - Glen Helen, Kirk Micheal, Alpine Cottage, you name it, was uncontrollable. The first lap was slower than I could do on the T500. I persevered for a few laps and called it a day at Ramsey and toured it back to the pits to retire in one piece. I prudently raced the T500 production bike in the following 500 senior. This TR500 was so bad to ride I had forgotten I had owned it when I told you that the records showed a speed trap figure of nearly 150mph on the T500. It was this bike that did that not the T500. It was then swiftly disposed of and forgotten about.

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