Suzuki T500 Exhaust Systems

By Glen Morgan


Bellís book will tell you what you need to know about attaching exhaust systems to bikes, so there is no point in me writing about that here. Have a look at some of the pipes around the pits. That will give you a few ideas too.

Well, thatís just about it from me on T500 (and other ) chambers.

Iím sure there are better ways of doing many of these things. I hope what I have written will encourage people to contribute. Iíd also be happy to have people email me at - [email protected] [email protected]. A bit of feedback about anything that doesnít make sense or is hard to follow would be useful.

There is a copyright on this material, as I hope to publish it along with some stuff on porting and combustion chamber modification (when I get it together). But by all means copy whatís here for personal use.



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