T500 and GT500 sales pamphlets

             Many of the pictures here are borrowed from the collection of Jurgen Kuschewski

T500I, 2 pages 1967 T500I 500_5s.jpg (4335 bytes)1967 T500I cob4s.jpg (3265 bytes) 1967 T500I
T500I, Netherlands, 2 pages1967 T500I T500I, UK, 2 pages1967 T500I T500II, 2 pages1968/69 T500II
T500II, USA, 1 page1968/69 T500II T500III, NL, 2 pages1970 T500III T500III, USA, 2 pages1970 T500III
T500III/T350II, USA, 2 pages1970 T500III T500R, 4 pages1971 T500R T500R, Japan, 4 pages1971 T500R
T500J, 4 pages1972 T500J T500J/T250J, USA, 2 pages1972 T500J T500K/GT185K, 2 pages1973 T500K
T500K/GT185K, USA, 2 pages1973 T500K T500TT/GT380L, Italy, 2 pages1974 T500TT T500L/GT550L, 2 pages1974 T500L
T500M/GT550M, 2 pages1975 T500M T500M/GT380M, USA, 2 pages1975 T500M GT500A, 4 pages1976 GT500A
GT500A/GT380A, USA, 2 pages 1976 GT500 GT500B, 4 pages1977 GT500B GT500B/GT380B, USA, 2 pages1977 GT500B


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