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 Got this info from Hyside Racing about their pipes and some pics.....

"The spec I am running on my T500 is actualy TR750 spec, my cylinders are ported to T500 race spec, which was sent out by the factory back in the 70's running with 36mm carbs, Pete is building one at the moment which will have TR500 watercooled spec pipes on it, same porting but with 38mm carbs.

Petes Pipes are not just off the shelf one spec, pete has been building 2 stroke pipes for over 35 years and will build the pipes to suit your bike, he has found that the later spec pipes are not as peaky with the power delivery as the early ones so making the bike a bit easier to ride and seems to give just as much power. sorry I cant help you with any dyno sheets or graphs as I dont have any, believe me Pete doesnt normaly get it wrong, as long as he has the spec of your engine he will work it out, you are always better off building the pipes to suit the bike, rather than trying to build a bike to suit a set of pipes.

I have attached a pic of the pipes on my bike, but as you will see I dont have a standard frame, I dont have any pics at the moment of a set on a standard frame I will have in a couple of weeks. also a pic of some T250 pipes.

I hope this answers some of your questions, please feel free to contact if you need any more info

Many thanks


Hyside Trading

03 57953536   

[email protected]

P.S I have also just had a run of T/TR500 straight cut primary gears made they are $495 a pair I only have 2 lots left!!"

T500 pipes

T20 pipes


I am Daniel, 21 years old, I just got a hold of a GT500 racer here in New Zealand. I dont have a race licince yet but race at "have a go" days. I thought you would like to know that these thinghs are still around in New Zealand. I am still building this bike to be competive but hell its fun heres some pics of me on it at Teretonga in Invercargill.


Hi just thought i'd send you a couple of pics of a gt380k i started to restore 12 months ago, still quite a bit to do, i.e exhausts indicators and bits and bats, first picture is of the bike who i bought it from, he bought it new in 1974 and rode 12,854 miles in 8 years then stored it in the place of the picture for 25 years where i dragged it out and started work, she is now up and running, and still has the original tyres. any feedback would be nice on what you think i know the engine casings want polishing but that is one of the next jobs, headlamp rim and front indicators are on order from suzuki they should be here anytime now.

Regards Chris from Wakefield in West Yorkshire UK

Great job Chris....I could use you around my place!


Hi my name is Anthony Saraceno  I am 16 years old. I got this bike from some guy in Binghamton NY for 415 dollars I had my Dad's friend Dana Jones clean the carbs and we charged the battery and plugs and it runs like new.  It was last on the road in 1987 it is a 76 GT 550 with 4000 miles my dad want me to sell it so I could buy a bike that stops and handles. He took it for a ride and his comment was that it rides like a piano but I like how it rides , sounds, smokes and chrome and a kick starter please let me know what you think, thanks ant man. 




I have just returned from the UK where I bought a Suzuki T500J off a good

friend Gary Cobb who is a Kettle Club member his Kettle was in issue 198

of CMM. He bought the T500J back in 2002 when he rode it home and then dismantled

it ready for a full restoration, he then got himself married and is now expecting

his 2nd child.

The T500J restoration was then shelved, the bike is in fantastic condition

a I will expect it to be completed in 12 months time, it currently is on

a container ship leaving Singapore and will arrive in Perth Western Australia

in Two weeks when I will start the restoration.

I can only send you at present pictures of the bike all crated up prior to

leaving the United Kingdom, I will send a Photo again once completed.

I would be very interested in other T500 enthusiasts in Perth.

Regards Simon M Horder


Hello, I am 49 years old Suzuki owner wit Jan-Erik Seger (49 also) from Finland

Suzuki GT750 1973 project at the moment, but running

Suzuki GT550 1973 Orginal !! Lime Green

Suzuki GT5501973 CafeRacer

Suzuki GT380 1973, Red, original, FINE

Suzuki T-250 1972 original Blue

Suzuki GT125 1977 red, running project

Seppo Mikkonen


Here's some shots of my A100 bucket racer,i don't think you'll see many of these on the tracks anymore.They've moved onto much faster tackle now, still good fun though. Regards Dennis White,Perth Western Australia. 


   Just wondering if you could add me the the register with these details

Neville Paintin


New Zealand

Still in the process of restoring me 1974 GT750L which I've owned for about 29 years, here's a pic of progress so far


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