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Lotsa GT750s

"I love the smell of two-stroke in the morning"

"Just love the GT750, I've had 2 and rode a GT750M all over Autralia without a problem".



Some great pics of a fine TR750 replica from Finland:

I  live in Finland. I have made myself a Suzuki TR 750 replica. In summer 2009 I WILL drive whit it in competitions here in North

(Finland, Sweden, Norway) - Juha Kaivonurmi



These pics of a Heron Suzuki replica GT750 Suzuki come from Christy Doran. The fairing and belly-pan have been

removed for these pics.


John Small has provided a great pic of his 1975 GT750M crossing the Nullarbor in 1975/6. Crossing the Nullarbor Plain is a

major adventure, especially in those days when a large part of the journey was on unsealed roads. The Nullarbor is a

waterless plain in between Western Australia and South Australia and there are no towns in between for a distance of


John's GT looked a little bit worse for wear soon after this pic was taken when he hit a pothole and dropped the bike.

Same bike after being repaired after Nullarbor crash. Tank just needed a new stripe.

The pipe was a Hans Hari item...I thought the Bromlech was too chunky...The pipe made a beautiful noise...very unique.

I sold the bike soon after to go OS but always regretted it...It was sweet with fettled motor and frame mods...

brass swingarm bushes and Koni shocks and needle roller steeringhead bearings


Some pics of a neat GT750....lost name of contributor..let me know and I will correct that...sorry


Some more pics of a neat GT750....again lost name of contributor.....let me know and I will correct that...sorry


Some pics from Ed...


Martin Krause from berlin Germany shares some more pics of his GT750 racebike...


Tony Davis is in the Kettle Club in South Wales
He has sent some pics of his GT750A models.


I have a 1973 Suzuki GT750K, It's not perfect and the paint job not oirginal but it's a running & road ready machine! I live in Roland Arkansas. I spent about 1 year on the "restro" and have $1000 invested in the bike!

Pat Tate


Richard Lindoes collection of GT750 triples


Martin Krause is Registrar of the Suzuki Wasserbüffel Club in Berlin.

Martin has 5 GT 750 J, one A and a Bandit 1200


Martin and Ela in Sydney NSW Australia

Martin and Ela Outback Australia

With Muzza in Perth Western Australia


Here's a pic of my 1971....January 1972 registered GT 750 Kettle

The bike will be at more shows in the U.K this year,  its done only 13,700 miles from new.. and is original

Hope you like it, Cheers

Roger Hamer

(lovely bike Roger, and such low miles!)




The Mighty Buffalo from the begining.....

First off, Let me say thanks to Muzza for the space to blather on about my bike.


This photo is where the Mighty Buffalo began. I recieved an email from my good friend Sean with a link to this bike on Ebay. I had never owned a two stroke street bike, and had been looking for a candidate for a cafe style restification. Less than a week later, I owned it.

The bike was in Michigan and the previous owner was unclear about it's running state so I hooked up the trailer and headed out to collect it.

Home safe in the garage.

Sean and I were talking on the phone when he asked my intentions for the season. He knew the ultimate plan but asked if I intended to get it running well and ride it for the season and then tear it down over the winter? Or, if I was going to go ahead and begin the teardown right away? I decided that if I were to go ahead and tear it down now without riding it, when it's finished I will never know just how badly I screwed up a perfectly good motorcycle. 

My Intention in this build was to have a bike that handled well enough and would be fun to ride at slower speeds. I have a Triumph Super III that has been built to what was near current spec at the time. It has nearly 140 hp and all Ohlins suspension. It really isn't fun until you get to lose your licence speeds. I wanted to feel like I was going fast without going that fast.

Almost immediatly, I started searching Ebay for the parts I thought I needed to update the suspension and give it the look and performance I was after.

At the time, I was so over my head. I didn't know of anyone that had done this to a Buffalo and the only place I knew of for information was the GSResources www.thegsresources.com.

They helped all they could, but there were no difinitive answers to my questions. There was a LOT of trial and error. Well, there was some trial, and a lot of error.

I really like the look of the multi spoke wheels like Marchesinis, but I wasn't about to spend that kind of money on this project. So I found a CBR 600 rear wheel and a GS1100 swingarm and proceeded to throw some parts together to see if I could figure out how to make them work.

Then I found a set of forks off of a '91GS1100G and a set of wheels off of a 900RR. I really like the look of those wheels.

I have purchased many things on Ebay and have had very good luck. But, these wheels were the first time I got screwed on Ebay. It turned out that both of them were bent beyond repair. Of course the add said they were straight. I should have known better, the seller was new to ebay and had a low feedback score. It was good but too low to trust. Oh well, live and learn. Now I have a set of bent 900RR wheels that I'm trying to figure out a way to make into end tables or something. Please submit your ideas.......


Reimo GT750


Fuzzy shots but this 1977 GT750 is Norm Green's. Norm lives in Verona Ontario, Canada


1972 Patroller from Gianni Spalla Broni Italy

Eric Siebel SEMINOLE FLORIDA 1974 GT750

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