John "Bighole" Fry's GT750 project

I finally got brave enough to attempt another buffalo project. however, unlike the k that I restored to stock, I wanted to do one more in a cafe style and i thought id post as i make progress. im hoping to tap into the combined experience and knowledge of the board, you guys have been doing this longer than i have. ive been following along with the great buffalo series and learned a lot so thought id give it a try too.

So heres the starter...

1977 model with 35k on the clock. mostly complete and in decent overall shape.

Bike runs well with the exception of the transmission. its locked in 4th gear. i pulled and split the motor and found a piece of the kickstarter lodged in the fork drum. that was repaired with the help of parts from a donor motor.

fuel tank and side covers have been stripped and dents fixed, wheels replaced with mags from gs models, rear fender and frame cut down, seat replaced...

tore everything off and painted the frame in a metallic charcoal(always loved that color). this is where were at right now..

finally got it all painted and the seat back from the upholterer. Its starting to look like a bike again. Thanks to Lane for the inspiration. Working now on front and rear brake setup. I ended up with a gsxr rear brake set. I cut down the ear on the gt brake pedal and moved it so it should link up with the gsxr master cylinder after i make a new mounting bracket.


upon mounting the gs rear wheel I discovered that the front and rear chain sprockets dont line up. Im using the stock gt swing arm. Do I need to hunt down another or did I just put the spacers in wrong?

maybe thats my problem, I used the gt swingarm with the gs spacer. arrgh, back to the drawing board.

Here's the rear axle setup as of right now...

I think I need more than just different spacers, hopefully tha swing arm shows up soon and I can see how different it makes things.

And heres how the rear brake set up worked out. I like the linkage assemblies I've seen but I tend to stick to the ol k.i.s.s. method. Still had to fab a bracket and modify the footpeg but I think it should work out ok.

Though its been a while since last post, work on frankenbike has not stopped. The GS swingarm arrived and solved all my wheel alignment woes. The BS carbs have been switched out in favor of the VMs. After a test fire the lower cylander gasket was found to be leaking so the jugs were pulled and gasket replaced.

So, got it all back together, cleaned out carbs and J&L pipes, hooked everything up and got it started. From the right pipe only its blowing tons of smoke... not sure if its crank oil or injection oil. What would cause this? It cant be injection oil right? So much for getting in a test ride this year, maybe wont even get this thing to the gap in the spring.