First published in 1982, ''Team Suzuki'' by Ray Battersby quickly sold out and was out of print until recently. This new edition, some 25 years later, is available in two unique formats - a deluxe limited edition and the Standard hard cover, both signed by the author,

Ray Battersby.

My old copy of your book is dated 1982 and it should be called the badly "Batteredsby" as it has been used so much, read so much, referred to so much, valued so much and is one book I will never lend to anyone. I found it such a great read and still do and of course it is the bible for Suzuki race fanatics such as myself. I know that many visitors to this website hold the book in awe as well.   

As I said the book was out of print for years and impossible to get, but fortunately for Suzuki fans it is now available again.

I strongly suggest that you go to Ray's site to check the book out and to order a copy while it is available.

The link is - Team Suzuki


Murray Barnard