Found in a New Zealand shed.

Hi Suzuki fans, here's a pic of a couple of TR replicas I recently picked up with the plan of racing them in NZ's classic scene. Built by a craftsman named John Anderson they are reasonable replicas of the mighty TR 500 and TR 250, the porting is supposed to be TR spec. I got them in Tuakau, they were built by John Anderson, its not a Steve Roberts frame, although it will be just as good. It was copied from an original air cooled TR frame, and also incorporates elements of an original water cooled TR frame that was also available for the maker to copy. At the moment they are covered in dust, and need a bit of TLC. When I saw them they spoke to us....and after a couple of beers and a handshake deal with the owner having settled on a reasonable price, they were mine. The plan is to have them singing in time for the "Burt Munro Memorial Street Race" on the 26th of November in Wyndham, Southland (if you are in New Zealand at this time this wekend will be an epic showcase of motorcycle racing with beach, circuit, street and speedway events all held in the Invercargill region...go to for details). I'll post more on the bikes when they are up and running, hopefully the TR500 replica will give me the power I need to beat the Honda CB750's that dominate our pre 72 class racing.

I'd like to thank Muzza for his great website, its been very interesting and inspiring, and the pics of the early Australian racing days are excellent. I'd like to know more about his T500 racer with the 2 in to 1 expansion it went, power characteristics, etc. The only other 2 stroke I have seen with 2 cylinders breathing in to 1 chamber is the Koenig, if it works why isn't it more must be a lot easier to only have to make one expansion chamber for the T500 instead of 2 eh?

More later,


Ed. 2 into 1s are great fun but they don't make enough top end to be competitive on most tracks...they work mighty good on the road though where top end is not so essential.  

regards  Muzz