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Service Manual-Suzuki T500 ('75)

27-Jan-2001 - Does anyone know where I can obtain a service manual for the above bike? I've tried everywhere I can think of... Walter Kuehn [email protected]


Re: Service Manual - Suzuki T500 ('75) - 27-Jan-2001 - Here:


Buy a 73 GT750?

26-Jan-2001 - This will be my first bike though I am middle aged.  I have a chance to buy a 73 GT750 that’s been sitting for a number of years.  Its only got 10K on it but doesn't seem to have been very well taken care of.  Has been sitting in a garage and started every few months but was not prepped for storage.  The motor started up and idled OK but I didn't get to test ride it.  Needs the usual stuff for a bike that’s been sitting around for a while complete tune-up brakes fluid changes etc.  Also needs a complete cleaning up as its dirty and chrome is somewhat pitted.  On the plus side didn't see any leaks its complete seems to be original and the guy will take $400 for it.  I do all my car work myself and have lots of tools and pretty good knowledge of automotive mechanics.  Don't know these bikes at all though.  I'm thinking I can't really go wrong at that price.  Am I nuts and stepping in quicksand? Comments/advise?  Thanks Dave [email protected]


Re: Buy a 73 GT750? - 27-Jan-2001 - As you said the bike is complete has only 10K on the clock and has been garaged and even started from time to time.  Well Dave it sounds like a pretty good deal to me.  Check to see if the tyres look good.  Check the gas tank and coolant for rust.  Find out why the guy why the guy stopped riding it and by all means take it for a little spin down the street if he'll let you.  It sounds to me like there might only be a few little things to sort out - the kind of stuff you would need to do anyway with a used motorbike.  From my experience these old Suzies are pretty easy to work on.  Just a little sorting and cleaning and you could be scooting down the road on a real Jap classic.  Just remember though the girl is almost 30 years old so if she needs a little extra work here and there it's not her fault.  And by all means check out Muzza's website at Matt


Re: Buy a 73 GT750 - 7-Jan-2001 - Dave - Check those tires over real good before taking a spin on it.  'd also think that you'd want to make sure BOTH brakes are capable of stopping you in an emergency. It'd be a shame to pile up the bike BEFORE you bought it. :-)))  Like Matt says go for it but remember the bike IS almost 30 years old.  You will probably need new tires real soon anyway.  The originals were Bridgestone’s front and back and if they're still on the bike the chances are they are REAL hard by now and totally lacking in ANY kind of road holding capabilities.  A word to the wise.  Keep us posted on your Buffalo project.  H2RICK


Re: Buy a 73 GT750? - 27-Jan-2001 - Thanks for the advise Matt and Rick.  Yeah I think I'm gonna go for it.  After doing some research I'm getting pretty excited about owning and restoring a classic.  I think I have the capability to do most of the work myself.  I am a little worried about what sounds like a crank seal problem on these bikes that needs a good machine shop to correct.  I'm also a little concerned about parts prices though availability and used parts seem to be readily available.  You can be sure when the restoration gets going I'll be asking lots of questions here :)  Gotta tap into you guys wealth of knowledge.  Thanks Dave


Re: Buy a 73 GT750? - 31-Jan-2001 - Sounds like a good deal.  The only serious thing that can blow a hole in your wallet is that bikes of this model that has been sitting long can get bad crank seals (rubber seals that isolate crank case sections from each other and keeps the gearbox oil from entering the (mid and right) crankcases.  If any of these seals have dried up in storage or if the crank glide surfaces underneath the seals have rusted then when the engine is started up you may end up with one or more blown or leaking crank seals.  There is normally a vacuum in each isolated crank section sealed off by rubber seals.  The symptom if there's a leak between crank sections can be that the engine is hard to hard start if there is a leak from the gearbox to the crankcase you will see heavy smoking out the right or centre silencers.  Should be some heavy smoking when this type of engine is started when cold but the smoke should pretty much go away after it has warmed up (check the setting of the oil pump also).  Problem is that although removing the crank from the engine (splitting the engine case) is within grasp of the DIY the crank must be pressed apart to get at replacing seals and dedicated machine equipment and skills are needed to press it together and balance it.  Dedicated crank re-builder shops can do this.  That is the only potential higher cost involved with restoring these bikes.  There exist a wonderful community of owners who can help with advice and most parts are available (which is pretty amazing for a rather exotic model today).  Early models are approaching collectors value so cosmetic NOS. parts can be expensive.  You can check out my web site for some tips shows the 'luxury' restoration of my GT750'72 luxury meaning that I haven't restored many parts but sold company stock :-( to replaced parts with new ones :-) Regards  Gunnar Forsgren [email protected]


Chains Sprockets and lap Times (YOURS)

26-Jan-2001 - I'd like some advice on a chain and sprocket upgrade for my GT550 race bike project.  The stock chain is 530 and the sprockets are 16 teeth front and 40 teeth rear.  I know I should ride the bike and see which way I need to go with gearing but is there a good starting point?  Also why do people convert to 520 chain and sprockets?  Or do they convert from 520 to 530?  I just know I read something about a 520 conversion.  One more thing what kind of lap times are guys turning at Putnam in Vintage classes?  What are some Top speeds down the front (only) straight?  Minimal exaggeration please... Todd T


Re: Chains Sprockets and lap Times (YOURS) - 26-Jan-2001 - Not sure how accurate these readings at Putnam were but my speedo topped out at 0mph on the front straight.  No idea on what sort of speeds but gearing was playing a major role there unfortunately it was against me.  Running a 14 33 combo was not the right set-up I barely saw fifth gear.  I think my lap times were around 1:40 give or take a few seconds.  I think by the time I crashed the times were better but never got a accurate stopwatch read.  I think in formula 500 times were in the mid 1:30's for 4th or 5th place.  Todd [email protected]


Thanks for the info Todd... - 27-Jan-2001 - I was just curious what I will be up against.  According to your estimates and my own past lap times I will be running up front (maybe even leading) in Formula 500...  IF they let me ride my CBR 900 RR...:) I guess that won't be allowed.  Todd, did you run your stock chain and sprockets last year?  I was wondering about a good after market chain sprocket combo.  My original chain and sprockets are in good shape but I doubt they will hold up for a racing season.  By the way there will be an open track day at Putnam at the end of March.  I hope to be there for "Tune and Test" to dial my bike in. Todd T


Smoke all those 2 cylinder "dinosaurs" for... - 27-Jan-2001 - multi-cylinder guys Todd. LOLOLOLOL H2RICK


How much wood would a woodchuck chuck....??

25-Jan-2001 - Strange Motorcycle Story #3 256 738.  I was over at Big Al's garage for fix-it night last night.  I started the evening alone as Al an 2 others had gone to pick up his latest project... not a Suzuki unfortunately.  My job was to get the swing arm reinstalled on his Buffalo now that all the new parts had arrived.  Before that job however I decided to work on my project... another brand of Triple 2 stroke.  Off comes the left hand feels a little heavy !! Oh well probably full of unburned oil residue carbon etc.  I'll just give her a couple of hard raps small end down and see what shakes loose after 28 years or so.  Imagine my surprise when about 3 pounds of flax seed poured out the end onto the floor.  Now I know what those 3 mice living in the empty battery box had been doing for awhile.  The bike was purported to be barn fresh at the time I got it from the second owner who hadn't done anything to it and I thought the mice (yes they actually leapt out when I opened the seat while looking over the bike) were a nice authentic touch but the flax seed was the capper on the whole story.  Truth REALLY IS stranger than fiction and I have witnesses to this one.  Any more "barn fresh" stories out there??? H2RICK


Would you believe this one?? - 26-Jan-2001 - I picked up an old Kawi dirt bike a couple of years ago only to find the boot to the air box missing.  I decided to stick my fingers in the air-box to check for mouse nests only to find something that felt kind of like a garden hose except unlike a hose this thing wiggled.  I yanked my hand back out of the box just as a small garter snake wormed his way out.  Harmless but I nearly crapped myself nonetheless.  The craziest thing I ever found on a bike was when I worked at a cycle salvage yard stripping wrecked sport bikes. I actually found a handgun hidden under the seat on a bike.  Unloaded but still kind of scary.  The police had a field day with that one.  My boss at another shop I worked at was changing the grips on a bike cutting off the old ones when out of the bars falls a packet of weed. Who knows how long that had been in there!  Kris Larrivee


Re: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck....?? - 26-Jan-2001 - Not a barn story but waaaaay back in my youth a mate of mine was on the hunt for a cheap 125cc run-around.  We heard of an ancient Yam DT125 I think a '74 model that was disassembled but complete.  We went and inspected the boxes and handed over the cash.  On getting it home and after several hours of checking we concluded that it was miraculously complete and my mate was pleased to find that "the owner had even packed the barrel with grease to stop it corroding."  Turned out to be a brown substance from the rear end of the owner's cat ... glad it wasn't me that put my hand in there.  Craig


Re: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck....?? - 26-Jan-2001 - had trouble getting my GT550 running right. the problem was mice had been in the pipes


Re: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck....?? - 26-Jan-2001 - Hey Kris was the other pipe smoking?  Mark


Re: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck....?? - 26-Jan-2001 - You must have me confused with someone else.  There's no pipes smoking here.  There's no pipe smoking here either or cigar or cigarette smoking for that matter.  This is a smoke free message board.  Except for the occasional unexplained blue haze phenomenon that often surrounds frequenters to this site.  Of course if Uncle Sam in his "infinite" wisdom has his way we'll all be riding battery powered scooters.  Toodles. Kris Larrivee


WHOA UP FOR A MOMENT KRIS!!! - 27-Jan-2001 - I'd be awful careful about declaring this board to be smoke free.   sincerely hope you're not one of those politically correct Al Gore type anti-smoking Nazis are you?? EVERYONE has rights even smokers AND 2 stroke bike riders.  And now... back to our regularly scheduled discussions... H2RICK


Smokers rights - 27-Jan-2001 - I may not agree with your choice but I will defend to the death your right to choose!  M. Twain


Great Kris - 28-Jan-2001 - Then let's agree to make the board... a nuclear-free zone instead.  LOLOLOL I think we should ALL be able to agree on that as we are all big proponents of fossil fuel usage rather than nuclear fuel.  Those damn reactors are just too big and heavy to serve as motive power for bikes... except maybe a Harley. LOLOLOLOL  And don't get me started on the "afterglow" effects on the rider.  :-))) H2RICK


Re: WHOA UP FOR A MOMENT KRIS!!! - 28-Jan-2001 - Of course I'm not one of those Nazis.  Some of my best friends are smokers.  I just can't help stirring the pot every once and a while.  Keep on smokin' guys.  Kris Larrivee


After market airfilters for Titan

24-Jan-2001 - I am considering putting some kind of after market air filters on my carbs.  The reason: that old stock air intake boot is a royal pain in my #%!!  It is so inflexible that even after I heat it burning hot with a hair dryer and lube it with petroleum jelly I can barely get the blasted thing over the carb flanges.  The boot isn't cracked but I think it might be so ill-fitting that the carbs will suck.  I looked in Dennis Kirk and found quite an array of 'universal' (we all know what that means) air filters: there are K&N's of different shapes Flexcore 'sock' filters Uni 'Pod' filters etc.  I don't know much about them and have never used any after market filters on my Hondas.  Question: I was wondering if any of you guys could point me in the right direction?  I would prefer to be able to leave the carbs stock (not have to change jet sizes).  Also cheaper is better for me.  Thanks!  Matt [email protected]


Re: after market airfilters for Titan? - 24-Jan-2001 - I've got Uni's on my present T500 and used them in the 70s on my Yamaha RD400 racer.  They are cheap flexible easily cleaned and do a good job of filtering.  Guzzi John John Pierson


Re: after market airfilters for Titan - 24-Jan-2001 - Matt, I'm running the Uni filters on my GT500 now that's probably what I'll run when I race it this summer.  I can't remember off the top of my head what changes I made to the jetting at least one or two sizes up on the main and raised the needle up one notch I think.  (That's with the stock exhaust)  Any time you change filters (or exhaust for that matter) you have to keep an eye on your plugs.  These after market filters usually breathe much better than the stock boxes which can present you with a lean condition.  Then again I have seen bikes with after market filters and no jetting changes run fine so you'll have to see what works for you just remember the spark plugs are your best window into what's happening inside your motor.  Kris Larrivee


Re: after market airfilters for Titan - 24-Jan-2001 - Hello Matt, a trick I used when I had an old dry stiff boot (no not the wife!) was to put the boot into a plastic bag spray loads of WD40 or similar into the bag seal it and leave overnight it doesn't cure the problem but it does make it a bit more pliable.  It also helps when assembling to put the boot on the filter box first attach it to the carbs THEN bolt the filter box up.  I eventually got a new one from crooks-Suzuki England. Good luck.  Trev


Thanks guys one more question? - 25-Jan-2001 - Thanks for the advice and information Guzzi John Trev Kris.  Very helpful.  May I ask one more question?  This one will surely demonstrate my absolute ignorance: what is the difference between the Uni Flex-Core 'sock' filter and the Uni 'Pod' filter?  Are they just two parts of one assembly (with the 'sock' fitting over the 'pod') or are they two entirely different filter assemblies?  Also how do I put gasoline in my T500's gas tank? (joke!) Matt


Re: Thanks guys one more question? - 25-Jan-2001 - My pods have a rubber connector moulded to them to fit the carb.  If I remember right the sock doesn’t have this but I'm not sure.  Either way the filter material is the same just the looks may be different.  Guzzi John JP


Okey-dokey I got it - 25-Jan-2001 - Matt



24-Jan-2001 - Anyone consider using after market seals for their T500.  I am mainly speaking of the seals for the crankcases.  (Kick-starter shift lever clutch push rod drive shaft rear hub) I know of several manufactures for the same size seals.  They come in different materials for various applications.  Anyone use anything besides original seals?? Greg


Re: seals - 24-Jan-2001 - Not concerning crankcase seals but I found that most hardware stores sell little black neoprene "washers" that are almost exactly the same size as the little white plastic seals which sandwich the banjo connections of the oil lines.  They cost only pennies and seem to me to be a pretty good replacement so far.  Matt


Re: Matt I use the white Nylon ones sold by ACE HARDWARE - 25-Jan-2001 - Zooke


Re: seals - 25-Jan-2001 - Greg, I have use some after market seals from World Wide Bearings with great success.  Zooke


Oil pump question and initial report

24-Jan-2001 - The "new" '72 T500J is back on the road!  There was an electrical problem with the right cylinder that I have corrected by fiddling with the points.  I can now start the thing with one kick after a couple of cold kicks with ignition off.  The gearbox is quiet and works well although on the shift to fifth gear if I am too tentative I can get a false neutral.  I need to replace the intake manifolds and air boot due to cracks and holes and these are on the way.  I've run her up to 70 without any problems.  I have two areas of concern.  First the lever on the oil pump has a hard time returning to closed throttle position.  The spring has enough strength if I pull the lever forward and let it quickly return.  However if I advance the lever with the throttle it hangs up about halfway back.  This is not due to drag in the cable; when I remove the cable and move the lever slowly forward and release it hangs up.  I've lubed it externally to no avail.  Any suggestions?  Second I think the front brake still is out of adjustment.  I haven't yet gotten a repair manual.  How do you adjust the TLS brake?  I now have parts for this bike coming from two continents and I hope to really have it running and looking good soon.  Bill [email protected]


Re: Oil pump question and initial report - 24-Jan-2001 - Bill, I think there was a post back a few months ago about the oil pump problem.  One of the wise "old?" sages on the board said some oil pumps had this problem until they had some miles on the motor.  I guess it's something that loosens up with use.  If your motor is "new" that could be your problem.  I'm sure someone has more specifics about the situation.  Todd T


Re: Oil pump question and initial report - 24-Jan-2001 - I have the same problem on at least one of the T500's that I have.  You have me curious if the pump lever has more of a tendency to return to the normal "rest" position if it is being driven by the motor. I would check my bike but it is currently put up for the winter.  Another solution would be to use non-synthetic oil and enjoy the smoke screens at stop lights. Todd [email protected]


Re: Oil pump question and initial report - 24-Jan-2001 - Todd, I was wondering too about if the engine when running would improve the lever return.  I will check.  I wonder if you could slip an auxiliary compression spring between the end of the lever and the adjustment screws to give it a little more "oomph?"  The engine is not newly rebuilt.  For obvious reasons I am reluctant to try to dismantle the pump.  I suppose the only drawback here is greater oil consumption.  I don't put up much of a smoke screen until I am up over 60 and pretty hard on the throttle.  The T500 smokes more than either my GT750 or my RD400 and all are running on Yamalube S2 semi-synthetic oil.  I hope my crank seals aren't toast.  Bill [email protected]


Re: Bill don't worry about the oil pump arm... - 25-Jan-2001 - My '76 380 does exactly the same.  When the motor's cold and not running the arm stops halfway back and only returns to the minimum position manually.  However when running and warm it goes all the way back with no problem.  It's either a design fault or a fiendishly clever device to deliver an oil surplus when the engine needs it most -- when cold and running on choke.  Craig


Re: Bill don't worry about the oil pump arm... - 25-Jan-2001 - Craig, But I do worry about ALL these things!  I will continue to experiment.  Your hypothesis of a fiendishly clever design would I suppose make sense for the "inscrutable" Suzuki folks. Bill [email protected]


Re: Pump Spring - 25-Jan-2001 - Bill, You are exactly right about spring installation.  This "wise old sage" had a post about this very thing many moons ago.  This was the subject of a Suzuki service bulletin back in 1973.  You have to experiment with springs to get the correct one but it doesn't take much force to get the arm to return.  The length of time you have to leave the spring installed varies from bike to bike.  My GT550A has about 3200 miles on it from new and STILL needs the spring.  H2RICK


Give some Eel Pout quick!  Look at these pics of a NOS. Suzuki GT500B!

24-Jan-2001 - Suzuki GT500B NOS. Muzza


Re: Give some Eel Pout quick!  Look at these pics of a NOS. Suzuki GT500B! - 24-Jan-2001 - Where do you find this stuff?  I worked till noon today then went to the clinic to find out what your 'Ozzie Bio-Weapon' had done to me.  Right ear and tonsil are infected along with elevated blood pressure and an all up weight (with sorrel boots) of 276 lbs!  I'm gonna have my Viking allies in California stretch an extension cord over to your neighbourhood and steal some electricity!  Then your beer will get warm.  Zooke and I are getting lonely you're the only other guy on earth that seems to want to trade barbs and other stuff with us.  What's wrong with the rest of Zukidom?  Guzzi John JP


Re: Give me some Eel Pout quick!  Look at these pics of a NOS. Suzuki GT500B! - 25-Jan-2001 - Guess they saw what happened to Iraq when they started bad-mouthing Suzuki’s and then Grenada laughed at the RE5 and Panama went for Honda Police Bikes.  Australians don't give a rats-arse about anything and we're always ready for a round of friendly bad-mouthing which is what sucking Eel-pout does to ya!  Muzza


How the dickens... - 27-Jan-2001 - does something like this happen??  What's the full story behind this momentous event??  When did the purchase take place?? How did the guy track the bike down in the first place??  More details please.  This is like somebody finding a brand new boat-tailed Packard still sitting in a back lot somewhere (well not quite but you get the idea).  LOLOLOL  I'm all eyes on this one. Great post Muzza.  H2RICK


Suzuki GT750

23-Jan-2001 - I am about to rebuild my GT750 engine and the first hurdle I have hit a snag!!  The cylinder studs seem to have rusted into the cylinder block making it rather difficult to remove the block.  Has any body overcome this problem before.  Thanks Allan [email protected]


Re: Suzuki GT750 - 23-Jan-2001 - Allan, What year is it??  Miles??  Does it look like it's ever been apart before??  Some of these get VERY seized together.  There are all kinds of "methods" of getting the block off.  Acids, heat, penetrating fluid, mechanical force, and various combinations thereof.  Start with the easy way with the penetrating fluid.  My favourite is from Kleen-Flo.  Most penetrating fluids these days are environmentally safe and wouldn't dissolve a bar of soap.  Kleen-Flo is the real McCoy... full of various hydrocarbon solvents guaranteed to cause various types of genetic disorders.  LOLOL.  It smells like coal oil if you're old enough to remember that stuff.  Get the liquid version in the tin can.  Dose up all the studs with it real good and let it sit for a couple of days.  Check to see if it has evaporated and then dose it again.  Then after about 4 or 5 days start working on the block with a rubber mallet.  You may get lucky at this point.  If not get back to us.  PS: Kleen-Flo has a VERY pungent odour so your wife/girlfriend/mom may NOT appreciate you using it in the house.  It's best used in the garage or outside as it CAN get intense in a confined area.  LOLOL H2RICK


Re: Suzuki GT750 - 29-Jan-2001 - Many thanks Rick for the info.  Being in England I could not get the Kool-Flo you suggested as it is not available in the UK.  I used Pluss Gas and that did the job I now have the barrels off and can now start the renovation.  Many thanks Allan


Re: Suzuki GT750 - 10-Feb-2001 - Nice to read about your success Allen I didn't think the head came off after my experience.  I had a very worn 72' GT750 that I was parting out.  Making sure all the nuts/bolts were out I went about prying pulling heating etc etc.  Being that I was just going for parts and not a fix  and after several days it expired my patience I ran a heavy cable in one exhaust outlet and out another.  Then chained bike (engine still mounted) to a 2-ton junked pickup in my neighbours yard.  Then hooked the cable up to my 4wd truck.  Then sped up until the cable jerked. After repeated attempts all I was doing was moving the pickup at an angle perpendicular to its flat tires!  Cylinder/head didn't budge even though it was aligned with the cable as close as possible.  Perhaps I'm an idiot but I think there is a lesson here for anybody who plans to a GT750 with the idea of restoring power via rebuild.  Replacing the crankshaft seals can also be troublesome w/o special tools and worn seals can be a reason for poor compression. I'd be happy to hear otherwise Mark Tamburrino [email protected]


Wirges expansion chambers for Titan?

23-Jan-2001 - I just got a call from a questionable character that I don't know very well.  According to him he's got a set of NOS. Wirges expansion chambers for the Titan for $200.  I'm familiar with the Wirges chambers for the Kawa triples but never heard of any for the Titan.  Can anybody verify whether there ever were any Wirges for the Titan?  Or is this guy just blowing smoke?  Thanks.  Kris Larrivee


Re: Wirges expansion chambers for Titan? - 23-Jan-2001 - Kris - Good question. I know the Wirges chambers have fallen out of favour with the Kawi guys  Something to do with weird baffling inside or something.  As to your question no help from me.  I know on my Wirges pipes the stinger baffle section is pop riveted into the last straight tube on each pipe. Evidently this is the sign of a genuine Wirges pipe.  Mine are all original and had this feature so know that story is correct at least.  Were other pipes made like this??...  None that I've ever seen.  Other than that I can't help you.  Anything from anyone else out there??  Clive??  Muzza??  Zooke??  H2RICK


Can Anyone Confirm or Deny???? - 24-Jan-2001 - I'm just worried this guy is telling me stories.  He also mentioned something about knowing the whereabouts of some Kerkers for a GT750.  Anybody out there able to confirm or deny?  Kris Larrivee


Throw me a bone guys!  Anybody??? - 24-Jan-2001 - Kris L.


Re: Throw me a bone guys!  Anybody?? - 25-Jan-2001 - Sorry Kris tough call on the Wirges.  So few companies made after market pipes of the Suzuki series except the dirt bikes.  And the ones that did sold few pipes.  I have seen Bassani Allspeed and Oscelot (sp.) but have not seen Wirges though I am sure they may have made them back then.  I do believe that the Kerker pipes are for a GS750 and not a GT.  I have not seen and Kerker pipes for a two-stroke street bike.  Zooke


Yes Kris I did make them for the T500 - 29-Jan-2001 - In the mid-70's I employed an Asian designer named Kiro Yamaguchi San in our R&D department.  Despite his brilliance he had been let go from Suzuki Japan just a short time earlier.  Anyway Kiro designed the T500 chambers you describe in your post.  My those pipes were good; too good in fact.  In testing we discovered a few serious problems caused by the performance gains associated with their use.  The first major problem was the incredible force generated by the power pulses used to scavenge the cylinder of exhaust gases.  In some cases the pistons were literally sucked off the crank and out the exhaust ports.  Having corrected this situation we then encountered all sorts of problems with getting the power transferred to the road.  As you are aware tire technology was far behind engine design during this period.  We were actually ripping tires off the rear rim when conducting acceleration tests.  If the tires did hold up the swing arms were often wrenched from the bikes.  We abandoned the Kiro T500 chambers before entering full production.  We could not afford the risk of liability associated with such a product.  The set you describe must have been spirited away before we threw our prototypes into the fires of our foundry and set fire to all our plans.  William Wirges


Some good reading here...

23-Jan-2001 - Some scurrilous UK owners' tales of Suzi twins and triples all from the cheap & cheerful magazine UMG (Used Motorcycle Guide).  Read 'em and weep -- it explains why there are so few GT spares around and also testifies to the abuse that these bikes will withstand


Advice on electronic ignition

22-Jan-2001 - I have an old X-6 that I want to convert from points to 'tronic.  Has anybody ever tried to fit a T500 unit onto a 250?  Is there a manufacturer who makes one for the Hustler?  Daniel [email protected]


Ask Shayn - 22-Jan-2001 - "I am able to supplies quality British made optical electronic ignition kits for a wide range of makes & models as well as twin and triple cylinder 2 stroke Suzuki road bikes.  I have put up a couple of pages on the web if you want more - tech info, how it works, makes, fitting, cost, kit evaluation  I liked what the kits did for the performance on my GT250 & T500 & it is a set once and forget your bike even has ignition timing." mailto: [email protected]  Muzza


Re: advice on electronic ignition - 23-Jan-2001 - Newtronic list their SU2 unit as suitable for the T20 GT250M to C.  This is not the same unit that fits the T500 (SU7) Clive


Neutronics unit from Shayne also web page - 24-Jan-2001 - Neutronics has a unit as Clive has pointed out.  From one of the other lists Shayne is able to get the Neutronics units "cheaper than from England" (his words I'm quoting).  Info on the Neutronics unit is at:  I know I had a unit for a 6v Jawa (the speedway favourite not those annoying little thieves from Star Wars).  Shaun at Neutronics converted it for my T500 tested it (replaced the faulty controller chip) and shipped it back to me for 15 pounds plus shipping.  I don't mean to endorse Neutronics or Shayne but I was impressed with the service/price I got.  Hope this helps. Eugene [email protected]


Re: Neutronics unit from Shayne also web page - 24-Jan-2001 - I can supply an SU2 unit for £85 sterling. T his is at cost plus tax plus P&P.  Clive [email protected]


Eugene Clive anybody - so do you like Neutronics on your T500s?? - 25-Jan-2001 - Does the Nuetronic ignition seem to help your bikes out?  Crisper acceleration?  Smoother running?  Optical pickup gets dirt on it and the bike stutters and dies at the stoplight while some pretty girls are watching?  Open the dust cover with the ignition on in full daylight and both plugs start machine-gunning in unison while the bike jumps three feet straight up the air?  Please share your opinions and experiences with Newtronics optical ignitions.  Matt


Re: Eugene Clive anybody - so do you like Neutronics on your T500s?? -  26-Jan-2001 - I've had a Newtronics unit fitted to my Buff since they re-introduced them 6 years ago.  My T500 has had one since I restored it last year.  In total I've done well over 20,000 miles with the units without any problems...  OK yes I sell them (normally at trade price) but they are superb.  Looking through the books I've sold 94 and only had one returned (Honda Goldwing ugh!!)  Yes it has to be fitted away from direct sunlight or artificial light but once set-up they work and keep on working.  Clive


I haven't had a chance to install it - 31-Jan-2001 - Eugene


OK please share if you do - 31-Jan-2001 - Matt


Omar Dirt Tracking GT750 Jaques Roca GT750 and Vallelunga GT750 S - new pics

22-Jan-2001 - Stack of GT750 pics have gone up on my site...  Click here to see the pics.  Go to the bottom of the page to see links to the latest pics.  Back to sleep now... gee I love you guys.  Muzza


Re: Omar Dirt Tracking GT750 Jaques Roca GT750 and Vallelunga GT750 S - new pics - 23-Jan-2001 - Great stuff Muz, my cold is getting better so look out!  The Eel Pout deluge is hovering over you.  Zooke was wondering how to get more chatter boxes chatting.  We need to advertise more I guess.  See ya




Swat!! - 22-Jan-2001 - Swat!!!!!  Got the bugger... bloody mossie interrupting my sleep (Aussie vernacular).  Got the pesky critter one less mosquito (US vernacular) Muzza


Re: Swat!!  Eh! - 23-Jan-2001 - Holy Cow Eh!  Black flies just carried off my baby (Canadian Vernacular) Eugene Stewart [email protected]


BLAM!!  ca-chink ca-chink - 25-Jan-2001 - In Minnesota we like the 16ga Remington model 870 'Wingmaster' for the little vampires.  Guzzi John PS the ca-chink is the sound the slide action makes!  LOL JP


Re: BLAM!! ca-chink ca-chink - 25-Jan-2001 - Hey GJ - My dad had one of those but as the skeeters are much bigger in Manitoba (my home province) it was a 12 bore with the magnum chamber ventilated rib and ivory tipped front sight.  A load of SSG shot out that baby will REALLY ruin a skeeter's day.  And yes we used SSG shot on skeeters... They WERE that big. LOLOLOLOLOL H2RICK


Holy Cow guys I'm a pacifist! - 29-Jan-2001 - I wouldn't hurt a fly really!  Now put those shooting irons down and lets have a drink!  Muzza


AXES - 31-Jan-2001 - In the 'Old Country' we used to keep in axe throwing shape by bringing down ducks and geese.  It was just a little tricky catching them when they came back!  LOOLLOLOO Guzzi John JP



22-Jan-2001 -  Italian Vallelunga or Suzuki 500TT - fibreglass tank and seat 4 leading shoe brake borrani rims rearsets and flat bars - perfect.  See more on the Suzuki Fanatics site  Muzza


Re: 500TT - 28-Jan-2001 - Great pic Muzza.  Those Italians SURE do make'em pretty.  It ALMOST makes you want to go back to 2 cylinders.  LOLOLOLOL H2RICK


500 ignition switch

20-Jan-2001 - Can anyone tell me if the GT500 ignition switch will work on the 72 T500?  And by the way the restoration is on the way.  Thanks Mark Walls


Re: 500 ignition switch - 21-Jan-2001 - Your switch for the J is a 9 wire switch containing the ignition and lights in the one switch.  The GT500 switch is for ignition and parking lights only.  The main light control is in the left hand handlebar switch gear.  The loom would have to be heavily modified for everything to work.  It would be best to locate the correct switch.  Clive


Re: 500 ignition switch - 21-Jan-2001 - Now I'm confused.  My switch has 4 wires orange red gray and brown.  On the left handlebar control there is a on-off switch hilo turn and horn.  In the manual I have they show a 6 wire switch for 70-74 and it has 2 more colours in addition to above colours there is a green and red green???????  Mark


Re: 500 ignition switch - 21-Jan-2001 - If your switch has 4 wires its off a K onwards so a GT500 switch should work.  I'M sorry I cannot count either!!  Clive


Lutefisk revenge - 20-Jan-2001 - Muzza


Re: Lutefisk revenge - 20-Jan-2001 - Be warned guys.  The threat to our beer supply by rampant Vikings and frozen Canadians has gone on long enough!  We will let our Lutefisk free on to the world!  Muzza


Re: Lutefisk revenge - 20-Jan-2001 - If something that UUUUUUGLY got near my bike I'd have to resort to gaff/net violence!!  LOLOLOL I think Lutefisk look much nicer mounted on a wall plaque than next to a Cobra.  Say... there's an idea.  How about the plaque mounted talking/singing Lutefisk thing as the hot item for NEXT Xmas??  Whaddya' say GJ??  I bet it'd be a hot seller in Minnesota Norway Sweden etc. LOLOLOL H2RICK


Re: Lutefisk revenge - 20-Jan-2001 - All right you asked for it!  We here in Minnesota have a secret weapon that would make Saddam pee his kilt.  It's the infamous 'EELPOUT'.  If just the name isn't enough to scare the BeJesus out of you nothing will.  The only trouble is that we can't figure out a delivery system for these apocalyptic denizens.  They're so slimy that we've been experimenting with their juice as an alternative to the latest 'space age super lubricants'.  If we ever get'em to ya you'll slip into the sea like an egg of a Teflon pan and we'll be able to walk right in and take over the beer and the super secret caches of Suzuki parts you devils have buried in the outback.  I know it was you who sent that bit of balmy London fog atmosphere that's given me the sniffles the past week.  Rest assured that I will recover and will send an 'Alberta Clipper' roaring your way.  GJ JP


T500R smoky left pipe

19-Jan-2001 - Well hi again.  I have now got the old girl running pretty well but it's developed a tendency to smoke like Chinese opium den from the left side.  I 'm sure a while back I saw something about this but a search of previous pages failed to come up with it.  Something about float settings????  If I could call on the learned masses that frequent these pages I would again be most grateful for any info.  Cheers for now (I'm going to float around the pool with a cold beer!) Paul.  (Brisbane) [email protected]


More Aussie torture tactics... - 20-Jan-2001 - If it isn't Muzza in Perth, it's Paul in Brisbane.  C'mon guys... give us poor Canucks and American Snowbelters a break.  You just might force us to hire a plane and fly down there to soak up some sun while we do the Trans-Oz ride thing.  LOLOLOLOLOL H2RICK


Re: T500R smoky left pipe - 20-Jan-2001 - Good to hear she is running Paul sorry about her stinking smoking habit.  It seems that if it is on the left side the smoking probably shouldn't be from transmission oil unless the inboard crank seal on the left cylinder is leaky.  Hopefully though the smokin is from a carb problem like you said. Dark thick smoke can be due to that side running to rich have you tried thinning out the mixture on that side?  Maybe all you have to do is finish that beer climb out of the pool and tune your carbs.  I remember somebody once posting about solving a smoking problem by replacing the fuel tap but I don't know why.  Are you running good highest quality 2-stroke oil like Belray Si7 or Klotz synthetic?  Finally - how good are your piston and ring clearances?  Is it time for new rings or an overbore?  Good luck in sorting it out - keep us posted.  Matt [email protected]


Re: T500R smoky left pipe.  Thanks Matt - 20-Jan-2001 - the oil level in the crank case has not diminished at all in over 200 kms of riding.  I think I'll go for the fuel 1st (will hopefully be cheaper to fix LOL) I am running Mobil synthetic low smoke 2 stroke oil.  The right pipe is virtually smoke free when cruising & gives a bit when you lay in to the throttle.  I'll keep ya posted.  Cheers Paul.  (Brisbane)


73 GT380 parts needed - 19-Jan-2001 - looking for 1973 blue side covers for GT380 and orig. rear fender let me know thanks ken [email protected]


Anyone have any luck with Air Cone? 19-Jan-2001 - Just wondering if anyone called them and if they did how things went?  Todd T


Moto Carrera/Tommy Crawford T500 Pipes

19-Jan-2001 - I called Moto Carrera and they said that around May they would have available Tommy Crawford Designed Hydroform GP pipes for the T500.  They're already listed on their website as "Millennium GP" pipes for $569.  They have the RD400 pipes pictured and they really look great.  Later Rich [email protected]


15,000 hits on the Board this month so far!!!

19-Jan-2001 The highest ever before was 9,700 in Aug of 2000.  - Zooke


Re: 15 000 hits on the Board this month so far!!! - 19-Jan-2001 - That's because we are becoming a real family and arguing a lot more... also the Lutefisk discussion just keeps them coming back for more.  Lutefisk must be just about the most exotic topic of discussion on the net!  Muzza


Re: Lutefisk threads - 19-Jan-2001 - Might have to remove them.  They might eat away at the other threads.  LOL Zooke


Lutefisk threads got my vote!!! - 20-Jan-2001 - No doubt about it... show your Lutefisk and they will come!!!  Right GJ???  LOLOLOLOL H2RICK



19-Jan-2001 - The board is getting more popular and I wanted to do something to help all of you show off your projects.  I started with a friend of mines' special project T500 in a GS450 frame with many extras.  It was unfortunately stolen shortly after completion and never recovered  Send you pics to [email protected] or Sundial Moto Sports 5572 Mines Rd. Pulaski VA 24301.  Make sure they are clear pics with a light background.  Thanks and let the fun begin!!!  Zooke


Rich Can you find out about the GT550 Chambers?

18-Jan-2001 - If someone wanted to sell them at a reasonable price (since no one wants to build fast GT550's anyway) I would be interested.  If you get a chance to check on them please let me know.  Todd T


Re: Rich Can you find out about the GT550 Chambers? - 18-Jan-2001 - Hi Todd - No problem I'll swing by his shop probably tomorrow sometime and see what he wants for them.  If I remember correctly they were not race type chambers but more the street variety.  The down curves are not tapered and it has internal baffles like a DG pipe. I'll let you know.  Later Rich [email protected]


Re: Rich Can you find out about the GT550 Chambers? - 19-Jan-2001 - Hi Todd - I checked with him and he said he wants like around $175 for them.  To tell you the truth I wouldn’t pay that much for them as they need a lot of work to get looking nice again.  I would offer him maybe $100 tops who knows maybe he'll bite.  If you're still interested e-mail me and I'll give you his phone # so you can make him an offer.  Later Rich [email protected]


Hey guys!!!  If Todd T. sends you anything couldn’t on it being real nice.  Thanks Todd T!!! You Da Man!!! - 18-Jan-2001 - Hope you like my stuff as well when you get it.  Zooke


Thanks for the kind words Zookie.  Will I see that front end racing this season? - 18-Jan-2001 - Todd T


Re: Thanks for the kind words Zookie - 18-Jan-2001 - Yes it will be on the bike Frank is racing at Daytona and then I will be racing it in WERA Vintage and AHRMA the rest of the year.  I don't even need to clean it up to put it on!  Thanks again Friend.  I'll give you a head start when we race okay?  Zooke


TR750 article in Jan. Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

18-Jan-2001 - Interesting article on Barry Sheene's TR750 in the Jan. issue of Classic Motorcycle Mechanics (British mag) Gary


Need GT550 Front Disc brake Calliper and Master Cylinder

18-Jan-2001 - Need a front Disc brake calliper and master cylinder for a GT550.  Thanks Rich [email protected]


Re: Need GT550 Front Disc brake Calliper and Master Cylinder - 20-Jan-2001 - Are you doing a restore or do you just need useable parts??  email me. H2RICK [email protected]


Muzza's pic of the week

18-Jan-2001 - GT550 Suzi Muzza's site for more pics Click here Muzza


Sweet I hope it's yours - 18-Jan-2001 - I don't know there's just something about these damn old bikes... Greg Groth [email protected]


Re: Sweet I hope it's yours - 19-Jan-2001 - Nah not mine unfortunately.  I only had one GT550 and all I have left is the tank and frame.  Talking of which it is going to the tip soon as I don't have any use for it!  Sad but true. Muzza


Re: Sweet I hope it's yours - 20-Jan-2001 - Hope that nice gold doesn't spend too much time in the sun in Oz... otherwise... it's toast!!!  Yeah... I know... it's modern paint so probably withstand anything Oz van throw at it!!!  LOLOL Nice scooter... and it's even got the right number of cylinders.  LOLOLOLOL Thanks for sharing Muzza.  H2RICK


Don't get excited but... - 18-Jan-2001 - I had a visitor in town from Tokyo and took him over to the garage for part of fix-it night.  Unfortunately he's NOT/NOT into bikes at all but was quite interested in seeing all the old bikes


Really bad pictures of my GT550

17-Jan-2001 - I am in the process of putting together a personal web page for me and my Motorcycle friends.  I have some early pictures of my project on there.  Check them out if you are bored.  Vintage Racing. I promise they will get better.  I know I know they can't get worse.  Todd T


Try this link - 18-Jan-2001 - click here for GT550 TNT Vintage Racing site  Muzza


Dream on Toddy LOL - 18-Jan-2001 - Todd's GT550 wet dream!  Muzza


Amazing what $27.00 of Rustoleum spray paint will do! - 18-Jan-2001 - Muzza I promise the site and the bike will get better!!  Todd T


Re: Amazing what $27.00 of Rustoleum spray paint will do! - 20-Jan-2001 - That perimeter frame was no doubt cobbled up from a few CZ and DKW bits with a little oxy-acetylene brazing rod thrown in.  LOLOLOLOL.  Should be great at 120+ MPH. LOLOLOL Just a question Todd... are your life insurance premiums up to date???  With home made frames one can't afford to take chances you know.  Oh... BTW have you named a beneficiary yet??  If the space is still blank you COULD put my name in there.  LOLOLOLOLOLOL Sometimes I just crack myself up... LOLOLOLOL Good luck with your project.  H2RICK


Does it really look THAT bad?? - 20-Jan-2001 - Rick you really hurt my feelings with that one.  The frame is a 74 GT550 with all the crap stripped off it and some thin wall stainless tubing TIG welded in for bracing. None of the frame geometry has been changed.  We just made it stiffer I hope.  The cardboard mock-up of the seat and tail section was my first attempt.  Since these pictures we've come up with a template and cut the material to make one out of aluminium.  We are going to form and weld it tomorrow.  Maybe you were put off by the cardboard seat and primer frame.  Hopefully the finished product meets with greater approval.  Todd T


No I meant the "AFTER" picture that looks... - 20-Jan-2001 - suspiciously like some kind of Honda plast-i-bike with a perimeter frame.  It was all a put-on.  The REAL 550 looks great.  Keep up the great work & photos.  H2RICK


Re: No I meant the "AFTER" picture that looks - 21-Jan-2001 - nice twist tuck and dive out of that one H2!  Anyone could see that the "after Shot" was a mock-up and someone's sad idea of a bike of the future.  Nah the GT550 frame pic even made me pine for a GT550 race bike for a minute or 2.  Got to get back out to the shed now and try and get my son's heap of crap Kwacka 250ZZR going again... such a pain to work on and so fragile!  Muzza


So upset by the cruel words of those he respected... - 21-Jan-2001 - Todd raced to the shop and in a fit of self loathing over his failure used a die grinder to cut his erstwhile race bike into 100 pieces.  Returning home he read H2Rick's explanation that it was all a joke; that his race bike really didn't suck and Todd was very very sad...  Ralph Waldo Emerson


A real quote from R.W. Emerson... - 21-Jan-2001 - "The reward of a thing well done is to have done it"


Wow: Lutefisk AND R.W. Emerson... what a board !!! - 21-Jan-2001 - Ralph MUST have owned a Suzuki and NOTHING else.  He sure knew his stuff. LOLOLOLOL H2RICK


Re: Wow: Lutefisk AND R.W. Emerson... what a board!!! - 22-Jan-2001 - of course Ralph Waldo also said... "Things are in the saddle And ride mankind" I don't know what the... he was talking about but it sounds sort of motorcyclely!  Todd should have responded with another Waldo... "Art is a jealous mistress" and in "skating over thin ice our safety is in our speed" good one H2 LOL what is all this bulldust... "hitch your wagon to a star" and he must've been ahead of his times... "what is a weed?  A plant whose virtues have not been discovered" Anyway back to Lutefisk.....!!!!  Muzza


GT550 Cafe Bike

17-Jan-2001 - Heard back from Omar's.  Did not seem to have what I was looking for. I am going to try Aertech(?) next.  Here is the reply. Hi Gary - All I have is a cafe fender a side mount taillight/brake light and clubman bars.  Literature has source for possible tits 3 into 1 chamber 650 Yam Street Tracker/Dirt Track catalogue info packet is $5.00 Manx TT (Norton Manx conversion for 650) info kit is $4.00 Cafe lit (incl: cafe Suzuki GT750 water buffalo) $2.00 All product info pack(ST/DT/Manx/cafe is $8.00) Street Tracker assembly manual $15.00 Manx assembly manual $15.00 Price list is included with each of above literature packages above prices are complete no tax or no extra mailing costs Visa or MasterCard (not secured) to... [email protected] or fax (763-745-2256) Check or cash to... Phil Little, Omar's Dirt Track Racing 14475 23rd Av No Plymouth MN 55447 763-745-2255 Gary


Re: GT550 Cafe Bike - 17-Jan-2001 - Gary I was thinking the GT750 kit (it shows a road race tail section in the picture) would work on a GT550.  Todd T


Re: GT550 Cafe Bike - 17-Jan-2001 - I am going to order the Lit. from Omar's and see what the stuff he has looks like.  A friend at work says he has an old copy of a magazine called "Cafe Racer".  He says there is an ad in the back for GT550 cafe parts.  I will put up a post when I know more.  Gary [email protected]


One piece seat/tank from Tracy Products - 18-Jan-2001 - Tracy Products of Santa Cruz CA once made a one piece seat and tank shell for the GT550 that weighed in at 14 lbs.  Tank capacity is given as 4 gallons(US I assume)  The one in the ad looks sort of 70's mod not really cafe racer. This is from a magazine called "Wild World of Cafe Racers" published around 1975.  Has anyone seen one of these units?  Gary


AIR CONE PHONE NUMBER & INFO - 16-Jan-2001 - AND THE NUMBER IS...(702) 566-1077.  That's in Nevada.  John at Pro-Flow gave me the number after I begged him to sell me just the cone portions of his RD exhaust systems for my GT550.  He said they will roll anything.  I paid around $145.00 for them to roll (not weld) single stage diffuser chambers out of 20 ga. sheet metal for my 3 cylinder GT550.  I was very impressed with how exact the cones were rolled to my specs.  I have a friend who welds so I saved money there.  I later ordered diffusers to replace the stinger sections.  They were $25.00 a piece.  I think everyone mainly just wanted the phone number but I will scan the pages I have about the Daytona pipe dimensions and e-mail them to anyone who wants them.  Good Luck everyone!  Todd T


T500k steering damper assembly

16-Jan-2001 - Does anyone know the order of the bits for the damper at the bottom of the head stock (cannot find a diagram)  1) large washer with 2 pronged bracket (which way up) what is the relevance of the 2 prongs and where do they go?  2) large friction washer with small hollow off to one side?  3) star shaped piece I think the order is one two three.???????  Steve Cambers [email protected]


Re: T500k steering damper assembly - 16-Jan-2001 - There is seven pieces on the bottom side of the damper first slide the damper upper plate (Hollow down) second insert the damper cork then insert the damper lower plate (flat piece) then screw the lock bolt to the triple clamp slide the star shape spring looking up then the sleeve and finally the clip enjoy.  Jean Marc, [email protected]


Re: T500k steering damper assembly - 16-Jan-2001 - The Damper cork is the one with the two “prongs” you called they look up and are to be slotted to a pin just under take a look you cant miss.  Jean Marc


Re: T500k steering damper assembly - 18-Jan-2001 - thanks mate most helpful.  Steve Cambers


Re: T500k switch gear - 18-Jan-2001 - what colour is the switch gear for the T500k black or alli silve?  And is the clutch lever bracket separate or as one with the light switch?  Steve Cambers


Re: T500k switch gear - 18-Jan-2001 - If your ''switch gear'' is the main switch on the right side it should be black.  The clutch lever bracket is separate from the switch. Jean Marc [email protected]


Putor Be Live Again!  Kris Atlantic Pitate GJ

16-Jan-2001 - I'm back online again after yet another bloody putor crash.  I've lost your e-mail addresses guys.  Please send short mail so I can add you back to my address book.  Paul the Newtronics will cost you £83.50 sterling inc. post.  Clive [email protected]


Re: Putor Be Live Again!  Kris Atlantic Pitate GJ - 17-Jan-2001 - Hi Clive I'm home sick with my own kind of 'Human Putor' virus.  These putors are worse than kids!  How long were you down?  I've been having some nice chats with Muzza and Zooke now that I've mastered the ICQ.  Guzzi John - John Pierson [email protected]


Re: Putor Be Live Again! Kris Atlantic Pitate GJ - 17-Jan-2001 - On and off since last Friday.  I've dragged the bloody thing down to zero 4 times and its still not working 100%.  Can't spend money on it though that’s reserved for the BIKES!!!! Clive


Re: Putor Be Live Again!  Kris Atlantic Pitate GJ - 18-Jan-2001 - Clive the pipes have been mailed out hope you get your computer sorted out.  Thanks.  Kris Larrivee


Re: Putor Be Live Again! - 18-Jan-2001 - THANKS KRIS.  Clive


T500 Carburettor Manifold Swap

16-Jan-2001 - Is there any benefit to deleting the stock aluminium intake manifolds and swapping to the Mikuni flanged rubber intake manifolds bolted directly to the cylinder intake ports?  It seems to me this would shorten the distance for the air/fuel mixture by 11/4" (and give you extra room for larger filters between the carbs and battery box to boot).  Has anyone tried this?  Results?  Thanks  Rich [email protected]


Re: T500 Carburettor Manifold Swap - 17-Jan-2001 - I'm no expert on engine theory but I do know that longer intake tracts are used on any engine to give more torque. Thus shortening intake tract = less torque.  I'm sure there's some guys out there that could explain the physics behind this phenomenon.  Anyone??  Another effect of the particular manifold set-up on the Titan is I suppose to cool the inlet charge which is always a GOOD THING.  Although other bikes typically use rubber tubes for carb isolation maybe aluminium was the hot set-up when the Titan was designed.  Anyone got more light to shed on this idea??  H2RICK


Re: T500 Carburettor Manifold Swap - 17-Jan-2001 - Thanks for the reply Rick.  I originally came up with the idea simply because I want to be able to use the larger volume 3 1/2" X 5" K&N filters on it (there's not enough room between the carbs and the battery box at present).  But since I posted I've noticed that the race bike photos on the Sundial website are using exactly the manifold set-up I'm talking about.  I'm just wondering if it is beneficial to my stock engine to do this swap or will it hurt my performance to proceed. I have included a picture of one of the race bikes from Sundial's site so you can see what I mean (hope it comes out haven't done any HTML in a long while).  Thanks Rich [email protected]


Re: T500 Carburettor Manifold Swap - 17-Jan-2001 - I am looking at doing the same thing on my T500L.  Shortening the inlet tract will reduce bottom end torque a bit but should not be much of a problem on a stock motor unless you are trialling etc.  More beneficial on a race motor where mid to high-end power will be increased.  Problem on the shorter inlets is that the slug of gas/air in the inlet tract will actually come out of the carb inlet momentarily (worse on a race motor) and wet the bellmouths/air filters.  A mate said that his legs used to get wet with fuel after a fast thrash (scary!)  If you use K&Ns you will have to increase main jets sizes to offset the weakening effect of the better airflow.  BTW - do you know where I can buy some short rubber inlets - mine are tatty.  Regards - Phil C - UK [email protected]


Re: T500 Carburettor Manifold Swap - 17-Jan-2001 - Rich and Phil, You can get the intakes still from Suzuki.  That is where I get mine.  Also Mikuni sells some as well and they are shorter and cheaper.  Zooke


Re: T500 Carburettor Manifold Swap - 17-Jan-2001 - I always use the short intakes but port my motors to the early specs and more usually.  Can't help it.  Zooke


Re: T500 Carburettor Manifold Swap - 17-Jan-2001 - Hi Eric - Do you have the part numbers for both the Suzuki and the Mikuni Manifolds handy?  Thanks Rich [email protected]


Re: T500 Carburettor Manifold Swap - 18-Jan-2001 - I got my manifolds from Dennis Kirk for $8-10 each.  They are listed in the snowmobile (and maybe dirtbike) catalogue.  I had to do slight mods with knife and file but nothing big.  Guzzi John - John Pierson


Re: T500 Carburettor Manifold Swap - 22-Jan-2001 - I have noticed at the track the guys use both.  If we have a very tight short track out come the longer carb manifolds.  On a high speed track like Mosport most run the short manifolds.  Same reason as already mentioned tuning the torque for mid-range.  Personally I have not done any quarter mile testing but it seems to be generally accepted as the gospel.  Eugene Stewart, [email protected]


Picture of a T500 points & timing set-up

16-Jan-2001 - Hey all does anyone have, or know where I would get a picture of the points & timing set-up on my T500R.  I just want to check it hasn't been modified or tampered with. Cheers Paul (Brisbane) [email protected]


Re: Picture of a T500 points & timing set-up - 16-Jan-2001 - Here are some links to a few pages borrowed from the intertec manual.  This should help you get going on your bike.  I'm not sure how long these pages will be up (server space may be disappearing soon) but hope this helps you.  Todd [email protected]



15-Jan-2001 - Hi all, I just discovered your message board.  I recently purchased a GT380 (1974) and I'm looking for any information you're willing to share.  I'm basically starting from ground zero here especially helpful would be good part #'s and pitfalls to avoid in getting it road worthy.  Thanks Scott Hill [email protected]


Re: GT380 - 16-Jan-2001 - Hi Scott welcome on board.  I have a '76 380 which I've been running for two years so I'm pretty well acquainted with all its qualities...  First how complete is it?  Does it have original pipes air-box & filters?  Any major bits missing?  Watch out for cracked / split carb mounting rubbers especially under the clips.  These are a problem with any old Suzi.  Is there oil in the tank?  Can you see any air bubbles in the oil lines?  Do you have a spark at the plugs?  Let us know how it's looking and we'll give any help we can.  Craig


Re: GT380 - 16-Jan-2001 - Craig - Thanks for the quick response.  I think the bike is fairly complete.  The following list is what I've noticed missing so far as yet.  The right top muffler has been opened at the end and the innards removed.  The left top muffler has damage but appears to be intact.  The right rear blinker assembly is missing and the reflectors for the remaining blinkers have damage.  If the headlight had a glass "globe" it is missing.  The lock/latch mechanism on the gas tank is missing and it's empty of gas and oil and no battery.  The motor is not seized and the air box is present but I haven't ventured into the motor at all.  The paint looks good the gas can decal shows wear but looks good for a '74.  Most of the other defects are cosmetic as far as I know.  The guy I bought it from is into four wheels he bought it to put the engine on an odyssey (sp.?) but the bike was so near complete he couldn't justify taking the engine.  He claimed to have had it running and it was rough.  He says he examined the points and they needed replacing.  I purchased a Clymer's manual and some other documents on microfiche.  I'll be really digging in once those arrive.  Later Scott [email protected]


Re: GT380 - 17-Jan-2001 - If you've got a Clymer great that'll give you all the timing and set-up advice you need.  Read the section on bleeding & priming the oil pump very carefully -- it's critical that that is done right but once it's done you can forget about it.  When you're ready to check points and timing let me know -- don't do it by the manual it'll drive you nuts and isn't any more accurate than a much easier method... The blinkers and headlight are not a problem the 380 shared these parts with other machines (T250 GT550 T500 etc) so your local breakers will surely have parts you can use.  If you've got the factory air-box check it has filters in it or at least the metal "web" that the filter foam fits over.  You can easily use Uni foam if the original is perished.  As a safety measure I'd remove the spark plugs and pour maybe a teaspoon of good 2-stroke oil (Motul Redline Silkolene etc) in each cylinder to keep the cylinders lubed. When you come to use the bike use a full synthetic oil for best protection.  Costs a few $ more but worth it.  You *will* need to get exhaust baffle pipes (the removable tube) otherwise the bike will never run right.  These could be hard to find but check your local yards.  The batteries are still available so no worries there.  Good luck Craig


Questions from a new T500 owner

15-Jan-2001 - I just purchased a '72 T500 to accompany my GT750 and Yamaha RD400.  I haven't yet gotten a shop manual and I have several questions.  What plug?  The bike has B7HS's and I wonder if a slightly colder plug might be better?  Insulators on the current plugs are a nice tan but I haven't done a plug chop.  Oil pump adjustment?  I see several index marks but at neither full throttle nor closed throttle do they align.  How do I check the pump adjustment?  Front brake set up?  With the double leading shoe set up how do you adjust the front brake for optimal (and I need optimal!) braking?  Individual air filters?  I need to get a new air boot and if unavailable I could go to individual filters.  What to use? and jetting suggestions?  Pilot air screw adjustment?  How many turns?  Carb synching?  Right carb has no vacuum tap.  Suggestions?  Thanks.  Bill [email protected]


Re: Questions from a new T500 owner - 15-Jan-2001 - Plugs are fine.  B-77HC are the ones listed in my manual.  Ignition = 24Deg BTDC (0.134in).  Pilot screw = 1 1/2 turns out + or- 1/4 turn.  Vacuum is only taken from left carb for fuel tap.  Set-up your carbs manually using cocktail sticks as feeler gauges slid in from air intake side.  Then make sure you adjust each one equal amounts.  Boots avail from Vintage Suzuki.  Clive


"New" T500J in the garage - 15-Jan-2001 - I bought the '72 T500J from Don Schneider this weekend.  A very nice bike.  Excellent chrome.  That wonderful horseshoe-shaped headlight shell and rim could have come off the showroom.  Pipes a little scratched but also very good.  Normal light surface rust on the headers.  Seat almost perfect.  New Michelin tires (15 miles).  It has to have a new main wiring harness as the little paper tags are pristine.  The rear fender chain guard and the stoplight assemblies look terrific.  Pulled the points cover to find NO corrosion in the electricals and perfect points.  New petcock had been installed (but improperly and leaked).  I've reinstalled it and it doesn't leak a drop.  There are only six faults I've found so far: a broken but repaired side cover no light in the speedo no right-hand mirror and I need to replace the air boot and the intake manifolds.  The thing runs good.  After I had reinstalled the petcock to stop the carb flooding it started on the second kick with no choke on Sunday.  It was pinging a little and I think their is an air leak at the cracked intake manifolds.  As far as to vibration it isn't a buffalo but it is most reasonable at 4000 rpm and 65 mph.  So far so good!  I'll keep you all informed of future developments.  Bill [email protected]


Re: "New" T500J in the garage - 15-Jan-2001 - Way to go Bill.  Sounds like you've got a winner.  Good luck trying to find a genuine mirror (with the embossed "S") for the right side... although they do show up at swap meets very occasionally.  All else sounds fixable or replaceable.  Good luck with the final touches.  H2RICK


Re: "New" T500J in the garage - 16-Jan-2001 - Congrats Bill.  Another T500 found a good home.  Enjoy.  Zooke



Jemco Street Pipes Part II

15-Jan-2001 - Does anybody have a set of used (but not beat up) Jemco T500 Street Pipes for sale?  Thanks Rich [email protected]


Sorry Rich No Pipes Here - 15-Jan-2001 - I've been looking for a used set of the Jemco pipes for the last couple of months to no avail.  Nobody seems to want to part with the sets they've got.  I really can't bring myself to pay the over four hundred bucks for new ones when I know somebody somewhere has got some lying around they don't want.  Good Luck finding some.  Kris Larrivee


Re: Sorry Rich No Pipes Here - 15-Jan-2001 - Todd T


Re: Jemco Street Pipes Part II - 15-Jan-2001 - Aircone will roll and weld the cones for chambers if you have the specs you want to use.  They also have silencers to use in place of or behind the stinger section.  I have a book with specs for T500 road racing pipes.  You could use those figures as a starting point.  The whole set-up would cost less than a used set of street pipes.  Let me know if you need the phone number or pipe dimensions.  Todd T


Re: Jemco Street Pipes Part II - 16-Jan-2001 - Hey Todd thanks for the info.  I was under the impression that the Aircone service was $expensive$.  Please post or send me any info you have about this.  Anybody out there using Aircones?  Thanks.  Kris Larrivee [email protected]


Todd T Can you send me the Aircone details too? - 16-Jan-2001 - Todd [email protected]


Re: Jemco Street Pipes Part II - 16-Jan-2001 - Hi Todd.  Thanks for the reply.  Yes please do e-mail me the information you offered. e-mail: [email protected]  Thanks again, Rich [email protected]


GT750 K Low power - 14-Jan-2001 - I have a GT750 that is hardly running on the left and centre cylinders.  I have fitted new spark plugs striped the carbs & cleaned the exhaust baffles.  It has electronic ignition which is OK.  With the engine running if I put my hand over the left carb and open up the throttle there is hardly any induction but the right carb sucks like hell.  Am I looking at crank seals or has some body got a better idea.  Many thanks in advance.  Allan [email protected]


Re: GT750 K Low power - 14-Jan-2001 - Allan - What is the build date of your bike??  Have you done a compression check on all three cylinders??  What were the readings??  When you had the carbs off did you look in the intake tracts to check the condition of the pistons and rings??  Your problem may be simple to solve... or very complex and expensive.  More info is needed from you.  H2RICK


Re: GT750 K Low power - 15-Jan-2001 - Many thanks for the reply.  The compressions were all fairly even at around 110 to 120 PSI.  I did not look at the piston rings with the compression being all fairly even.  The bike is an import and is in the log book as a 1973 but the frame has 1972 on the head stock.  Is there somewhere else on the bike that gives the exact date?  Many thanks Allan [email protected]


Re: GT750 K Low power - 16-Jan-2001 - The compressions are OK-ish... ideally they should be between 120 and 130 psi but they'll do.  It could be a failed cylinder head gasket - this same problem drove me nuts on my 380 triple as the left pot was giving almost no pulses when running but had the highest compression of all three!  The lesson is that a compression test doesn't always show a failed gasket... good luck Craig


Re: GT750 K Low power - 20-Jan-2001 - If you can see 1972 on the steering head can you make out the month digit???  Anything before about 7th month is a 1972... anything after is a 1973.  All old Jap bikes use the same system with their dates.  H2RICK


Re: GT750 K Low power - 23-Jan-2001 - Many thanks for the info.  I took the head off and found that the left and centre cylinder were definitely not doing anything of any significance.  The engine is now out and on the bench for a rebuild.  I have now come across the problem that the head and cylinder bolts seem to be corroded into the cylinder block!  Just wondering how I am going to get them apart.  Any ideas would be grateful.  Many thanks Allan


Need info. on GT550 cafe bike

14-Jan-2001 - Hi I have a 1977 GT550 that I want to put a cafe/solo seat tank and fairing on.  Just starting this so I am looking for tips on what fits or doesn't and what looks good and works.  Thanks, Gary [email protected]


Re: Need info. on GT550 cafe bike - 14-Jan-2001 - It may seem like an unlikely source but Omar's Dirt Tracker supply sells a cafe kit for the GT750.  I just saw the ad in Walneck's classic cycle mag.  When I get home (I'm at work) I'll look up the number.  Air Tech also sells body work for the H1 and H2 Kawis.  I'm not sure how much work it would take to make that fit.  Good luck with the project.  We need more tricked out Triples!!  Todd T


Re: Need info. on GT550 cafe bike - 14-Jan-2001 - When I was racing in late 70s there was a cafe GT550 running at BIR (Brainerd in Minn.)  It had matching glass tank seat and fairing.  I don't know if any of our boys hit on his site but if they're listening the bike was all black.  Guzzi John - John Pierson


Re: Need info. on GT550 cafe bike - 14-Jan-2001 - My friend Anthony Nunes has one on his T500 Historic Production Racer and loves it.  Zooke


Which "one" does he have Zooke? - 14-Jan-2001 - Omar's stuff or Air Tech?  Todd T


Re: Sorry Todd T.  too much Jack Daniels.  That was supposed to posted to the GT380 front end. - 14-Jan-2001 - Zooke


Drink "one" for me LOLO... Ha Ha... E..I..E..I..O - 14-Jan-2001 - Todd T


Re: Muzza's fault.  Hasn't kept up on my Foster's shipment.  Had to resort to what was in the booze cabinet.  LOL - 14-Jan-2001 - Zooke


You'll not get a beer out me Laddie until you return the colonies to the Empire! - 15-Jan-2001 - Muzza


Number for Omar's... - 14-Jan-2001 - Omar's Dirt Track Racing inc. 14475 23rd Ave. Plymouth MN 55447 (952) 745-2256 Todd T


Re: email address for Omar's... - 15-Jan-2001 - Omar's Dirt Track Racing 14475 23rd Ave North Plymouth MN 55447-4707 (612) 745-2255 office Phil Little [email protected]  If you contact them let us know what the kit is like and how much if you don't mind.  Muzza


Re: email address for Omar's... - 15-Jan-2001 - Hey Muzza, Omar's is just Southwest of me 10-20k and let's have no more imperialistic threats or the Norwegians are going to bomb the Foster's brewery with Lutefisk from their super secret cloaked space station!  GJ John Pierson


Re: Would those be 500lb or 1000lb Lutefisk? - 15-Jan-2001 - Zooke


Re: Would those be 500lb or 1000lb Lutefisk? - 15-Jan-2001 - It would be like the ash fall of a volcanic eruption only smellier!  JP


Re: pathetic Viking Threat! - 16-Jan-2001 - King George was right after all... let eat Lutefisk he said damn the empire!  You can take out Fosters but you'll never take out Bundaberg Rum (Bundie)… you'd have to find the place (plaice?) first!  Muzza


Re: pathetic Viking Threat! - 16-Jan-2001 - You let the cat outta the bag Muzz.  I just clicked on WWW.Bundie.Com and got the co-ordinates for our next plague of fish strike!  Unfortunately our Minnesota Vikings got their asses kicked by the Giants 41-0 so much for their dreams of a new stadium paid for by us taxpayers!  Send me a new buff crank and I'll call off the Bundie attack.  (is that like Al Bundie?)  "Up the Revolution!"  Guzzi John JP


Re: pathetic Viking Threat! - 18-Jan-2001 - will take you right there, Australia's greatest secret Bundy and Coke!  The best defence against Lutefisk!  Australia has a very good anti Lutefisk ballistic missile defence.  Hey if we lose this you guys promise to rebuild our economy... great... we surrender!  Muzza


Re: pathetic Viking Threat! - 18-Jan-2001 - Surrender unconditionally or we'll airdrop our Governor-"Jesse The Body Ventura" on you complete with his feather boa!  GJ JP


Re: pathetic Viking Threat! - 19-Jan-2001 - As long as you don't send us "What me Worry" double-ya Bush... Sorry to introduce politics to an otherwise perfectly good and frequently and appropriately abusive board.  Bush for president - Well I'll be hanged!  Muzza


Re: pathetic Viking Threat! - 19-Jan-2001 - We'll all hang together!  GJ JP


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