Suzuki Snapshots

Eric Kerkhoff


There are some picture´s of me and my bike on this site. ( sent to you by some others! )
I learned some about computers now so I can send you some updated pictures myself .

First picture is made just before I crashed my bike, like it was until 2002 ( pict. croix 2002 ).
I had to restore the bike but decide to make a new frame instead of use the modified standard frame.
I made a exact copy of the original tr frame including a new alloy tank.( pictures suzuki tr500 )
( got the old damaged seat on it but going to make a new one when I have some more time !! )
only raced Chimay ( belgium) in 2003 . 1st race didn´t finish, piston broke last round in 2nd place,
put in a new piston and finished 2nd the next race.( pict. chimay 2003 ),
mayby 75 hp on the wheel is to much for the original suzuki pistons !! ( pict. piston ) -
this is it -
maybe you can make something nice out of this.

Regards, Erik Kerkhoff Netherlands


Earlier pic of Erik racing his T500 racerbike
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