Suzuki T250 Twin

Hey Muzza,

I'm sending some pictures of what I've done in the garage this winter.

The bike is a T250J -72 which I bought in boxes and have turned to a little cafe racer, the other bikes are an original T250J -72 and -87 RG250 Gamma to be built on the little forgotten in the Classic Racing, Class 7C F2, we say in Scandinavia.

Soon the summer here in the north .....

Best regards / Mats Larsson, Sweden


Thanks Mats

love the shots of your bikes, they look great, I admire your ability to rebuild these machines.

I am a fan of the T250, I raced them and rode them on the road. If anything they are easier to ride than the 500 on the track.

The T250 put out a great amount of power for it's size and time and was great fun.

t250 suzuki

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