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Suzuki 500s

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There are 3 piccies the 2 of the Lowrider  T500 - details as follow GT550 f/end, XS750 p/tank, combined batt box/oil tank, short shocks on cut down frame, ruddy hard seat!  Fun to ride but not very far.  Other T500 standard except colour.  These pics are 8 yrs old, the std T unfortunately was stored in mates garage which the roof collapsed, 3 yrs later when I went to get it Mr Rust and his corrosive pals had had a field day eating the poor old thing, it now sits in corner of w/shop in bits.  The Lo T500 is now in project mode as Street Scrambler/Flat Tracker sort of stylie after being in its former guise for the last 8 years. Hope they are of some interest.  Thanx also for webbie tips, talk to you soon.  Gareth.

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Pics by Jos Pot: Netherlands - 1977 - Harmelen near Utrecht
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