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    Re: GT500 - only runs one one cylinder

    Posted by H2RICK on 5/12/2001, 1:48 am , in reply to "GT500 - only runs one one cylinder"


    How's your battery charge ?? Right up ?? Showing 12.5 volts at least ?? Get your volt ohm meter out. Suzuki twins are notorious for dropping spark on one cylinder if the battery is weak. Check your battery posts and cables for cleanliness, especially BOTH end of cables.
    Checked the points gap and timing lately ? DO NOT use a file on the points.
    An unwaxed unshiny business card from the last insurance salesman to visit
    your place will do nicely. Keep dragging it through the closed points (key off) until it comes through clean. Set points, set timing, ready to go. Can't set points ? can't set timing ?? Buy Clymer manual for info. This will be the best bux you spent since you bought the Titan in the first place.
    Of course you COULD have bought a GT550 instead.....LOLOLOL.
    Just kidding...enjoy your Titan and let us all know how it turns out.


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