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    Big Al's Rites of Spring BBQ Tonight

    Posted by H2RICK on 5/12/2001, 2:13 am

    Wow...ate and drank my face off...good times. About 15-20 guys showed up for a nice evening...reasonably warm...never turned the heater on until about 10:00 PM. Great for Calgary in mid-spring. Lots of yakking...yacking ?? but no fixing.
    We even talked Vespas and Piaggios for a while. Toooooo much !! Supposed to be +24 C (75 F) here tommorrow but will be in the garage changing oil and antifreeze etc on pickup instead of riding. :-( Gotta get ready for a season of hauling broken down Titans back to Al's with my truck !! LOLOL
    Just kidding guys. Mostly broken down Buffaloes. But no broken down 550's...
    they're like the Eveready bunny....just keep going and going and....etc etc. LOLOL Sorry but couldn't resist. Gotta go to bed now. It's very late and this board goes into its "maintenance mode" any time now so bandwidth/access vapourizes. I'll be lucky to get this posted. Of course..on the other hand you may think....


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