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    Re: Big Al's Rites of Spring BBQ Tonight

    Posted by Muzza on 5/12/2001, 8:04 am , in reply to "Big Al's Rites of Spring BBQ Tonight"

    Good day

    Middle of winter here, had a hair cut today as it was too hot with a mane. What's anti-freeze, mate?
    We put ice blocks in our radiators through winter just to stop the radiator boiling long enough to get the motor started! Then we run the air conditioner flat out so we can sit on the seat without blistering.

    Saw some pics of Calgary today on the TV, they all had on cowboy boots, hats and stuff. Is that how you get around H2Rick? No snow on the ground.
    Apparently there is going to be some shindig soon and people going to holler a lot, drink piss amd ride horsies.


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