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    Re: GT500 - only runs one one cylinder

    Posted by H2RICK on 5/13/2001, 12:49 am , in reply to "Re: GT500 - only runs one one cylinder"


    Sorry, my error....I keep forgetting that the last two model years of Titans had electronic ignitions on them. Obviously my knowledge of those is limited but the Suzi dirt bikes that I worked on plus the 2 that I owned myself were ALL adjustable. I can only assume that the GT style Titans were the same. Look for screws/slots in the mounting plate with some kind of TDC indicator pointer or arrow on the housing casting. This arrangement works much like a conventional points setup in that regard. Was the ignition removed by you for any reason ??
    By anyone else that you know of ?? If not, I'd assume the timing is OK but check it anyway. Also look in the pickup coil / trigger area for loose/frayed wires etc.


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