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    Triple Ed: We're BOTH right !!!

    Posted by H2RICK on 5/13/2001, 12:59 am

    Imagine my amazement this morning when looking in my Suzi crossover parts list and finding that, yes, the GT380 only had SRIS for the J,K and L models.
    Then I read your followup post and everything became clear.
    However the GT550 and Buffalo had the system right through to the end of production.
    Live and learn I guess. My only defence is that I had left the Suzi wrench business with the intro of the 'M' (1975) models in in the fall of 1974 and have not kept up with 380 stuff since then. The only 380 I am currently semi-familiar with is the one my pal the Water Buffalo King has. It is a hybrid K/L model which his wife rides occasionally.
    Enjoy your SRIS-less 380.


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