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    Posted by AJ on 5/14/2001, 10:14 am

    Hey all. I'm sure most of you guys are aware of my efforts to revive an old GT550. Well, I recently came across another hurdle. Originally, I thought the bike was idling fine on the left and center cylinders. I thought there might be something wrong with the right cylinder because there was a leak between the cylinder head and the exhaust port connection. I tightened the screws (as one of you suggested) and it still leaks oil/gas mixture. I tried to synchronize the carbs last night and found that the only cylinder that will run by itself is the center cylinder. If I unplug the center and right, the left will not start by itself. If I unplug the left and center, the right will not start by itself. Now if I plug all three in, and get the bike running, then it seems like all three cylinders are working because I can adjust the idle speed scews on each individual carb and it affects the idle speed? Am I wrong to assume that if the idle speed screw increases the RPM then that cylinder is working ok? I know that spark plugs tell the story in most cases, and this is what I found. The right cylinder spark plug had an oil/gas mixture film on it. It was literally wet and I could wipe it off with my fingers. The left cylinder seemed normal with a grayish coat. I guess it is normal. I didn't check the center cylinder, but I will tonight and that way I'll know for sure if the left one is normal or not. I also found that my oil injector gets stuck a little. When I was setting the adjustment on it and the three carbs, I noticed it stuck partially. I could pull it back with my hand, but playing with the throttle didn't reset it. There is a small kink in the cable as it enters the oil compartment, but I'm not sure if that is the cause or not.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.....

    Thanks again...


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