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    Re: Silly carb question

    Posted by Scott Carpenter on 5/14/2001, 12:31 pm , in reply to "Silly carb question"

    It doesn't matter what model carbs you use, the jetting process is still the same. My RZ 350 has a single carb (off a GPX 540) instead of the stock carbs. The design of the carb allows 30 second main jet changes, instead of all the bother involved with the stockers, which makes life at the track much easier in many instances. I don't even have to take the carb out of the boot! This single carb setup is probably not legal in vintage racing, but your dual setup should be; check the rules. Note: If the carbs have no vacuum line to the petcock, run the bike on prime. Don't forget to turn it off when you park it.


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