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    Gregp: butting in is encouraged....

    Posted by H2RICK on 5/15/2001, 1:52 pm , in reply to "Re: Triple Ed: We're BOTH right !!! I wish I new about what."

    how else are you going to get caught up, expand your horizons, etc.

    SRIS is the acronym for Suzuki Recycle Injection System.
    All triples (except for the 380M, A, and B models)
    had a system to suck the unburned gas/oil mix out of the crank chambers and feed it back into the inlet of the next cylinder that was on the intake stroke. When it's working correctly, it prevents that dreaded "blue haze" when you grab a handful of throttle to pass or take off from the lights. This assumes that you are using the correct injector oil, plugs, clean intake air filter, etc etc.
    I've sent the occasional post to 'etherland' myself but all the GOOD ones made it onto the appropriate board. LOLOLOLOL


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