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    Zooke, is that a cheap shot (LOL)

    Posted by todd on 5/15/2001, 4:28 pm , in reply to "Re: GT550'S FIRST RACE"

    Todd, wish I was down there on the track with you. Sounds like you had a good weekend, most certainly better than mine.
    I was unable to get my 250 running properly, it is currently suffering some serious lack of midrange power (as in no power between 4,000 and 7,000 rpm). After 7,000 it is like a lightswitch, quickly and unsafely revs to about 10,500. I have some details to work out, but will at least have my T500 together for the AHRMA race at Gratten. I just need to find an industrial park or some desolate unpatrolled streets to test the jetting on my 250. The neighbors were not too pleased with the testing up and down the street. I can't understand why...

    When do you plan on racing next?


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