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    gt500 only running on one cylinder.....again!

    Posted by Jim on 5/17/2001, 8:24 am

    Ok guys I have gone over all of your suggestions and I am still without a running machine. I put the old coil back on, used a fully charged battery- but that didn't make a change. I checked the fuel cock- no leakage. I looked at the timing- I didn't check it b/c I'm not sure how on this machine but there are no signs of tampering on the screw heads or 'old marks' where the timing plate had been moved under the screws. No points to go bad- electronic ignition. Plugs are new. As a note- the plug not firing is soaked(of course) and the other plug is black- like it is too rich. Remember, it will run on either cylinder. Sometimes I will got out to start it and it will run on the left, other times it will run on the right. I also noticed that when you first start it and the engine is cold it will run on both holes for about 30 secs. Both holes have good compression(about 120-130) Also as a note- it has expansion pipes similar looking to those on the bike at the top of the page, I don't have the originals b/c it didn't come with them. Also the airbox is removed- it was full of trash when I got it so I removed it w/the intent to install pod style filters.


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