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    Re: gt500 only running on one cylinder.....again!

    Posted by Scott on 5/17/2001, 2:47 pm , in reply to "gt500 only running on one cylinder.....again!"

    Try this, Jim (you may need a friend): Take out one spark plug. Put a BRAND NEW plug in the wire (not in the plug hole). Ground the plug on the cylinder head so you can see the gap. Turn key to ON. Have Friend kick motor over while you look for spark. (I bet there is spark.) Install the plug properly. Repeat process for the other cylinder. (Probably spark there, too.) If there is no spark, the culprit is likely the CDI unit. Intermittent problems are the worst to troubleshoot- it could be a bad ground or other connection in the ignition circuits. If the inner crankshaft seals are toast, you probably wouldn't get 120-130 lbs compression. I suspect that correct carburetor jetting may solve the problem. Does it run on both cylinders under load at higher RPM, or does it just act up at idle? Is the oil pump set up correctly? Hope this helps.


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