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    Re: WARNING!!!!!!!!! Do not use air pressure to....

    Posted by Justin on 5/17/2001, 10:24 pm , in reply to "Re: WARNING!!!!!!!!! Do not use air pressure to...."

    The dents that were in it was really bugging me.I bought the tank off of a fellow in england he didn't say anything about any bondo.I got the tank about a year ago about this time and set it back without inspecting it to awfully close.I stripped the tank last week and it had at least half a gallon of bondo on both sides.The bikes that thing had been on must of killed or seriously injured three or four poor souls.After I tried to blow the dents out I just about had the tank beat back too it's original shape But as I had it lying upside down on the table I was beating the top of the tank back in.It wouldn't have done all of this if i hadn't softened the whole tank.I've given up trying to beat on it anymore I believe I'll run over it till it's squashed flat and throw it in the scrap pile to go to the scrap yard.I guess the important lessen from this screw up is that we learn from our mistakes.


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